Hello Anty Eya, as in you may know me but am writing you with a different Email so I can remain anonymous. How are you Aunty? Am an old customer, started reading your blog even before I met my husband and recipes on there have really made me my husband's favorite chef until yesterday that I got very confused. 

Please help me, I was about to post in a Facebook group I belong but am not the kind of person that can withstand
negative comments on my post, at .least not in my condition. So today is the first Sunday in a long while that I didn't find the courage to go to church and haven't even stepped foot into the kitchen. Thank God this pregnancy keeps hunger far away from me.

My husband has never raised his hand oor yelled at me until yesterday. When we were dating, I categorically told him that the day he attempts to hit me will be the end of the relationship and he has been a good man all this while. Even when we have heated arguments, worse he does is put on his shirt and short or trouser, pick the car keys and leave the house, and makes sure he stays there until I miss and start calling like crazy. but yesterday, before I left for the market, he complained of feeling feverish, went for a malaria and typhoid test and he tested positive but because there was no food I still went out to do some shopping for the kitchen. I don't think I spent upto even two hours in the market and even if I did it's because we have to bargain and try to persuade the sellers and by the time I came back, he was furious, said he needed to take drugs for the typhoid fever but no food. Honestly in my mind I was asking quietly like 'So you could not even make ordinary indomie noodles in the kitchen and eat while waiting for the chef?

He kept going on and on about how he is feeling sick and I went and wasted the whole day in the market doing what only God knows. At a point I Pretended to be pressed and rushed into the bathroom just to make him keep quiet but he won't just stop. shocked at his utterances because my pregnant stomach is already protruding out. what can a pregnant woman do in a market shopping food stuff?

I tried my best while already shedding tears, to keep quiet but it seems like he wanted me to talk, as he won't stop then I asked the question that was lingering in my head. I asked him if he couldn't get off the bed and make ordinary indomie noodles or eat bread and tea while I manage to shop? That was all and  you need to come and see how my husband rushed towards me. I have never seen him like that. He rushed towards me, raised his hand up and who will stand there to see the end. I quickly ran to the back and the shock got me paralyzed. When I even tried to get up it was hard and I think he left to go find where to eat. He drove the car like it was me he was driving but that's his business. I finished cooking even in shock, dished his food and waited he didn't come till night. 

This morning, I still made breakfast for him, he didn't touch it. What did I do wrong? Am I not the one that should be sad here? My shock is still worrying me here I haven't gotten over it and expected him to  apologize but the way things are going now, does he want me with my big stomach to kneel down and beg him to eat food I suffered  to cook or what?

My marriage is still very young and I don't know how to beg people. Please help me with advice. Who should do the apologizing speech? Me or him? Please help me post and say something.


  1. Sorry I couldn't reply you earlier. Sorry about everything that happened and please try and make peace. Have a talk and express yourself. When you both have spoken, you'll be able to know who is at fault . Try not to trigger High BP, watch your emotions and when he feels a bit better, please talk about it and let peace reign.

    1. Thanks Anty Eya. When I tried to make us talk, he was proving tough but later apologized. We re good now. God bless you Anty.

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