Most people try toning/bleaching their dark skin, later regret and want to discontinue using the skin lightening creams also called bleaching creams but find it impossible to stop because of the effects and damage that comes with withdrawal. Withdrawing from bleaching creams is not as easy as people think. It can make you
look darker than your natural skin tone, give you itchy rashes all over the face and neck that will eventually take over the body if nothing is done. You know what? It's easy to stop bleaching the skin without suffering the side effects of scratching the skin and being unable to stand in the sun. 

The corticosteroids and other steroids in bleaching creams just refuse to leave your skin without fighting back and that can make you feel really ugly with all the rash and dark patches. It is this effect that makes most skin bleachers return back to their skin bleaching creams because they can't afford to suffer these side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

People say when you are tired of bleaching, just stop using the creams or injections but it's not that easy. You can't stop using bleaching agents on the skin just like that. Talking from experience, I used some advanced skin care products that began to tone my skin and honestly it felt so smooth and bright that I didn't want to stop but after a while, I discovered that the toning turned into bleaching as the skin just kept whitening and whitening without stopping. It was meant to just tone and smoothen and now my skin is turning white unless I stop using these skin care products. I tried to stop, got new body lotions and  soaps and after about three days, my face started to change, then it started to itch, then the rash and then it moved to the neck and was gradually spreading to the shoulder ahn ahn. I said what is this? Tried to see if the creams I discontinued were the cause and as soon as I applied the advanced skin care cream on my skin again, the itch stopped and by the following day my skin started clearing up and looking brighter again. What? "Does it mean I'm stuck on this cream"?

No way, I started planning my exit. The anti itch cream in the first aid bag at home came to my rescue but before then, I had gone to the pharmacist and explained that I used a skin toning product that later started to bleach my skin and when I stopped it began to itch. He just went to his counter, got me a tube and said to rub morning and night. It worked but I couldn't find it after leaving it in the sitting room, hope no guest mistakenly put in their handbag but I remember reading the instruction leaflet and my understanding is that the cream is also an anti itch ointment or something, so I started to use the anti itch tube in my First Aid bag and that was how I managed to escape the steroids in bleaching creams. The itch stopped, my face cleared up and my skin didn't turn darker than natural. That is how I stopped using the advanced skin tone that turned out to bleach my skin.

My natural skin toned returned without itch, or damage and this is good to share just in case someone is stuck with bleaching creams against their wish. You can free yourself without any damage to your skin.

I'd love to put links on the creams to sell but if I do, it might make some people think that the story is meant to help me sell my affiliate market so I won't. Let me just mention the anti itch creams without links to sell because I've been there and know how serious it is to get stuck on a cream you really want to 'divorce'
Skin lightening creams have a way of making some women, especially some young dark skinned girls feel bright and attractive and then they want to continue but after a while, when the skin starts whitening and showing green veins, they want to discontinue and shouldn't be made to continue rubbing and whitening against their wish. 

1. Hydrocortisone anti itch creams. There are many types from different brands and the pharmacy should know. Ask for Hydrocortisone anti itch creams. They come in small tubes and once you feel that first itch of withdrawal, apply the anti itch cream on the face and neck after washing the skin morning and night, and that's it. By the third day, your skin would have healed already and then you continue for as long as the Doctors prescription and stop while using your normal good body lotions and soaps. The cream I used is below...

The Kirkland Hydrocortisone anti itch cream in my First Aid Bag. It worked for me.

Below is the Dermovate Clobetasol Propionate cream The Pharmacist gave me that also worked fine.
Happy Freedom from fear. If you try and it works for you too, please leave a comment and let us know.