Hello Aunty Eya. I bumped into your blog last month, took time to explore old posts and how you truthfully answered questions from your blog readers, am impressed. You won't believe this but In just two days, I read all your weight loss journey post and congratulations on how you successfully lost all that weight with our heavy Nigerian food. I need help right now and would be very grateful if
you can give me a list of Nigerian foods to eat and lose weight fast. My wedding is in December this year and size 16 has sat on me for a whole two years. I need to shed weight fast before my wedding and being the Naija bush girl that I am, the only food I enjoy is Nigerian food. What Nigerian foods can help one lose weight fast. Please help me.

Dear poster, what I'm going to share with you are tips that I have tried and they worked for me. Hopefully they work for you too because our bodies are different. What ever the body sha, there are some foods that need to be avoided when we want to lose weight. Thanks for reading this blog and for exploring all
 my weightloss journey posts. It was awesome. After that weight loss was when I started to believe that one can lose weight with Nigerian food. It's very very possible. I ate every food served on the dining table. Ate from pounded yam to amala, ate different rice dishes and enjoyed all Naija soups while the weight kept dropping gradually until I reached my goal which was to drop below 80 kg.
There is no magic is weight loss. If I tell you that the quantity of food did not reduce while losing weight, don't believe me. If I tell you that I continued to eat two wraps of pounded yam and the weight went down, it's a big lie. See, to be successful, there has o be sacrifices. One cannot eat belleful, burp and then lose weight. Nigerian food is heavy, mostly carbs and we know that carbs help with weight gain not weight loss. We like food in Nigeria ehn! We love our carbs and can fall sick when we miss Nigerian food. We eat a lot if the plate is not full to the brim, we have not eaten. At events, we don't just pick what we like and leave, we make sure every food on the buffet is placed in our plate. You know we make it seem light y saying we want to taste every food but the quantity dished is not food tasting quantity. We scoop fried rice, scoop jollof rice, scoop coconut rice, then take white rice with vegetable soup, moi moi struggles to find space in the over fed plate, then we sum it up with some salad fighting not to drop off the full plate. We like
 food too much that's why we can work hard too because we have the required energy for hard labour, lol.

Yes, you can lose weight fast with Nigerian food. I have lost weight that fast in the past. I was able to lose 10kg in just about two weeks and honestly I didn't like how my skin looked after all that weight loss. I had to even eat more to regain my weight and fill up the wrinkles that started to show on my fore head. What am I trying to say? You can lose weight fast but you may not really like it at the end of the day and again that should e for short term weight loss because there are side effects if you like that for long periods.

To lose weight fast, what are the foods to avoid?
The number one food to avoid if you really want to lose weight fast with Nigerian food? Drop everything carbohydrate and I assure you that in two weeks, just two weeks, you'd see a significant drop in your body weight. Eat prote
ins, even if they don't fill your stomach, just manage for the short periods knowing that when you change, the weight will return back in full force, unless you find ways to manage it and keep the surplus load off.

So, what are the carb foods to avoid?
To lose weight fast with Nigerian food, stop eating swallows made from starchy foods like

  1. Eba
  2. Semo
  3. Wheat
  4. pounded yam, just eat the soup and manage like that. Hunger will not kill you. If you are used to eating these carbs and you try to avoid them, the kind hunger you'll feel but just remember that tolerance, endurance is a fruit of the spirit that you need to bear. A little hunger won't kill you. Skipping carbs for a few eeks won't kill you. Work out too as you try to lose weight because if not, your muscles might grow weak and you start feeling tired and sickly. Exercise well, eat small and you aare good to go.
  5. Plantain, whether ripe or unripe, avoid plantain.
  6. Bread, allow bread to rest a bit. If you are used to taking bread and beverage every morning, just manage with some boiled eggs and a little salad and you'll be fine.
  7. Yam whether fried, boiled, roasted, porridge or grated, do not eat.
  8. Irish potatoes, do not even pass near them.
  9. Rice might try to beckon on you at events but do not turn your head, look forward and walk pass.
  10. Evenh beans sef. Don't be deceived that beans is protein o. The amount of carb in beans nor be small thing. Beans also has carbs. When you boil beans, leave it with some water in there till the following day and see the thickened starch you'll scoop out the next day. Don't eat beans if you want to lose weight fast with Nigerian food.
  11. Noodles shouldn't visit you at all whether by road or air. Cancel all appointments with noodles and manage your life without.
Here is a list of 10 foods to eat and lose weight fast.
  • Eat proteins in small quantities not the large plate we like to dish.
  • Eat snail sauce
  • Pepper soups
  • Eggs whether boiled, scrambled, poached oh, just eat them. Taking them as breakfast will even help you lose belly fat.
  • Be careful with green vegetables, eat usu leaves, uziza, scent leaves, okra but leave water leaf and spinach alone for some time. These two are loaded with carbs, they won't help you lose weight.
  • Eat efo riro
  • Eat Okra soup
  • Eat afang soup in very small quantity
  • Eat edikaikong soup in very small quantity.If you can completely stay away from carbohydrate foods in just two weeks, you'll be shocked at how much weight you'll lose. Load your kitchen with proteins and light weight green vegetables, not heavy green vegetables.
I don't want to suggest that you follow my weight loss journey because that journey was made for slow and steady weight loss not fat track weight loss. Start gradually, leave the carbs alone and see your miracle. 
Have a happy weight loss experience with Nigerian food!
Intermittent Fasting, eating just brunch and dinner or lunch and dinner will help. Or you can eat breakfast and dinner skipping lunch while avoiding carbs too. The weight will drop like magic.