Original shea butter can be yellowish or lighter, so, do not judge by the yellowish or lighter colour. The colour is because of the type and how it's made. Different shea butter makers use different methods to process their shea butter and that doesn't make it fake. The shea butter made from the fruits of African butter tree tends to
be kind of yellow, more coloured. Raw and unrefined shea butter tends to be more coloured than refined shea butter. Original shea butter is (Raw and organic) shea butter that hasn't been mixed with any other oil and still unprocessed and unrefined. . Do not mistake whipped shea butter for fake or original. Because whipped shea butter is soft, some people see it as fake no. When shea butter sits for long in those airtight containers without use, it tends to solidify and become almost rock hard but that doesn't change the way it works. Once shea butter is whipped, it becomes soft like any other body butter Original shea butter is sold in the markets and supermarkets, can also be ordered but there are so many fake shea butter varieties too in the markets. Shea butter sellers know the difference but should we trust them? It's better to know the difference between authentic and fake shea butter before shopping your shea butter. Many who want to add shea butter to their daily regimen are scared they'll fall into the hands of fake shea butter sellers. It's easy to tell original shea butter from fake ones;

Before you buy shea butter from the market sellers, take a little and massage onto your wrist. If it disappears immediately into your skin it's fake. Original good shea butter/ori/okuma should still retain its whitish colour when you massage it on your wrist before gradually becoming absorbed into your skin. If whipped, It should also be kind of sticky when pressed between the thumb and first finger. Original shea butter has a strong roasted kind of smell, not offensive at all.
Here is where we shop/ order  our unrefined organic shea butter in Nigeria.

Deji Ajayi. The Chief Executive of Sheamapo Organics 
has contributed immensely to this post and below is what he wrote to help users: of shea butter differentiate the fake from original shea butter with ease. 

How to differentiate Original shea butter from fake?
Original shea butter means unrefined and additives free Shea butter.
Having known it has to be truly organic for it to be original.
Quickly look out for some of the following physical characteristics before staking your hard earned money if you must get value for your money.
-Color can be naturally ivory/beige, cream/yellow or Snow White. Yes Snow White not a mistake. In practice we seldom come up with Snow White colored Shea butter and I think that is why it is not popular.
Don't be deceived, natural Snow White colored Shea butter is different from bleached shea butter.
-Original shea butter smell is nutty and when the smell becomes so pleasant watch it.
-Original shea butter must be very creamy when in contact with skin. When you get a greasy feel and it is spreading rather than percolate into your skin please avoid.
-Original shea butter must be edible, as a matter of fact if it is not then it is not good enough for your skin.
-Original shea butter must be semi solid/ at room temperature but when you rub in between your 

palms it should melt evenly without lumps. -Prospective shea butter users should note that a grainy butter does not mean it is fake. Sometimes your butter becomes grainy when not allowed to cool down before you stir.



How do you tell that shea butter is original or fake? Can you share with us?