Homemade Shea butter lip moisturiser using unwanted lipstick and shea butter inspired by Ahdaisy

Jayde, where she posted about buying lipstick and later realizing it's too much for you and you don't like that shade on your lips. The blogger combined shea butter with her unwanted lipstick, created a lighter shade and shared with everyone. Today, while looking at all

those lipsticks I saw sitting beautifully on the supermarket shelf and loved, picked and paid but got home and disliked because they didn't suit me. these have been lying idly with no one using them.

Today I picked just three from there and decide to try  Ahdaisy's method. It's simple and the quantity of lipgloss realized is so much compared to the ingredients used.

There's no no need to start writing procedure here. Find it on her homemade Lip moisturiser post.

Below is a comment she left on that post...

This is a lip moisturizer, not just lipstick or lip gloss. It helps dry, chapped or black lips. Ur lips stay moisturized for a long time. (One of the wonders of shea butter) It is not just for the colour. And it doesn't shine like normal lip glosses, it gives you an almost matte finish. It is cheaper than normal lip moisturizers. This can be made for less than 300 naira meanwhile, a ready made moisturizer can sell for between 1500 to 3k. It is also more in quantity. You can make this in less time than it will take you to make indomie noodles.




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