Oha soup served in a plate.
Oha soup cooked with chicken is now my favorite. It's absolutely delicious. The best chicken to use in soups is native fowl or hard chicken. Frozen soft chicken may not withstand the heat and stirring of  Nigerian soups. Note that this soup can be cooked with any meats of choice. This chicken oha soup is cooked with cocoyam, no offor. Boiled cocoyam did the thickening job and it's awesome. My first daughter doesn't like soups and swallows, she prefers them foods like rice, yam, spaghetti and others that don't require soups to eat. Today, she just shocked me by finishing two wraps of raw blender pounded yam. I mean two wraps. First in the history of meeting this my liquid drinking baby girl. She cleared it all and asked me the name of the soup again and wondered why I never forced her to eat all the times that we cooked oha soup and she complained about the 'aroma'. Uziza leaves are good for oha soup but I skipped this time. Just wanted just the oha and chicken flavor alone. Me too, I slipped on this soup and fell behind my weight loss journey. It tasted too god to resist. I wish I never cooked this chicken infused oha soup to help my journey. 

The cooking method for oha soup and bitterleaf soup (ofe onugbu) is THE SAME. The only difference is the different vegetables used and surprisingly, the taste is so different considering that only vegetables are different. 

1 whole chicken butchered
2 bunches oha leaves
1 stockfish head
2 dried fish
2 seasoning cubes
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1/2 cup ground crayfish

Before you cook this soup, mwash and boil the cocoyams till soft. Pound with a mortar and pestle till very soft and sticky.
Boil the chicken with some onion , one stock cube and salt till cooked, then set aside.
Wash the salty periwinkles very very well in p
lenty water and set aside.


  1. Add washed stock fish, pepper, the  remaining seasoning cube to chicken stock and turn on the heat.
  2. Add palm oil and cover to boil very well before you add other ingredients that will form the soup base like crayfish, dried fish and kpomo is you are adding. Cover to boil briefly before adding the sticky cocoyam in tiny bits while cooking under low heat now. 
  3. When all the cocoyam has dissolved, check for thickness and add water if soup is too thick . Make your soup as thick or light as you want.
  4. Add the ogiri and washed periwinkles to thickened soup, let it boil before checking for salt and adding the cooked chicken that was waiting all this while. Cover to simmer for a few minutes and check again for taste.
  5. Pluck the oha leaves with your fingers, wash and add last, stir and wait for at least a minute before turning off the heat.
  6. Serve  oha soup with any swallow of choice. I served with raw blender pounded yam.
  7. Enjoy.
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