Hello Ma. I am on a weight loss program. Weight loss foods don't work for me so I tried water and it's working a bit. I lose weight using water but I don't know if that is making me sick now.
Before I forget ma,  thank you for everything I have learnt from old
posts on your blog. I read a post about using urine taste to know if we are ok or not and I know am ok even though this constant headaches won't leave me alone. My urine tastes a bit salty so I think am fine but because I drink lots of water to lose weight, my sister thinks am sick. She says I have symptoms of internal organ problems like kidney or liver problem and I quickly replied her that God forbid and back to sender. Last week I went to see a Doctor at the hospital and nothing was diagnosed, she gave me drugs to stop the headaches and nausea but I still feel the headaches and planning to try a different hospital this week. I have read comments of people sharing their experiences on the blog. Please help me post incase some else has these experiences this season. My neighbour says it's the harmattan that's causing all the sicknesses because of change in weather but I'm still a bit worried. 

My worry is because I'm using water to lose weight. Even though the calories are dropping, is it ok to lose weight with water or am I drinking too much while using water to replace breakfast and lunch? Am really in need of weight loss tips. only eat dinner because I gained weight this year so much and ca't enter 2019 feeling fat. Please help me ma. Is there anything like drinking too much water?
Please reply me!


  1. Good morning poster. Are you pregnant? Whether YES or NO please try and see a Doctor again oh. Maybe you try another Doctor like you suggested. Eating only dinner may not even be healthy for you, you can eat smaller portions and lose weight instead of eating one mighty portion of dinner alone for a whole night and day. Your body is trying or maybe it feels stressed. Intermittent fasting sef says we can skip one meal and will still lose weight. Skipping two meals to me is too much. That aside. There is also something like drinking too much water. Yes, water is good but too much of it is not good at all. Drink water when you are thirsty, that's how your body signals you that it needs water. Overloading yourself with water like that... Does water contain all the daily nutrient requirement your body needs?

  2. I had to go research for 'drinking too much water and signs that one is drinking too much water. According to INSIDER online, yes. Even though the body needs water to function properly, there is something like 'drinking too much water and that's not good'

    Drinking water even when you are not thirsty may not help you as the body can get overhydrated. When the body is overhydrated, it can result to falling electrolytes which can in turn lead to Headaches, Nausea and even weakness. They gave some signs to know if you are taking in too much drinking water:
    1. You never go out without a water bottle.
    2. Headaches
    2. Swollen hands and feet.
    4. Getting up several times to pee at night.
    5. Constant fatigue and tiredness.
    These are just a few signs, there is more. Maybe you reduce your water intake and try to lose weight by exercising, eating many times but smaller portions of food. Search the blog for 'my weight loss journey' posts, they may help you too.....

    Don't forget to see your Doctor please...


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