Haven't seen anywhere used school uniforms are sold in Nigeria yet and I think that's an opening there that needs to be filled. Most schools these days use uniforms from foreign companies like Zeco and others, these are lovely uniforms of great quality but quite expensive. If a kid outgrows theirs in one year, parents would have to cough out money for a replacement. Most Nigerians patronize
fairly used clothes not only because of the low price, also because the quality is great. School uniforms are worth repeating:

You can use the post below  to reach parents and start buying their kids used uniforms like OK and Bend down boutique business, when you have a reasonable quantity, business has started because you'll sell them and make profits......
Read below and feel free to use.....

Hello dear parents do you have used school uniforms your children have outgrown, have changed schools or just didn't fit and you don't need them anymore? Make money by selling them .Don't let school uniforms clutter your house just because you have a full house like mine (I had to keep a special gigantic sack for old school uniforms because we don't know what to do with them, so they don't take up space in kids wardrobes). There's no need for them. Sell to us.  We will dry clean, refurbish and resell at a giveaway price to those who have need of them. ((As a mother I have bag/s full of old school uniforms that my children no longer need and I feel there are parents in these schools lamenting the high cost of school uniforms and will be happy to get recycled good looking ones at a very low rate. Honestly, sometimes, when my kids outgrow their uniforms really fast, I wish there was a place I can just go and get good uniforms at a cheaper rate)). 

Let's take Abuja here, new school uniforms are sold between 10 and 50 Thousand Naira to kids who grow daily and may not wear them for long before parents start raising money for another school uniform and the cycle continues year after year.  You can contact me here on $$$$$$$$$$$, contact on Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM or WhatsApp ******** *and we'll come pick up all your children, friends and neighbours school uniforms and pay you on top of that. For now.

Dear Parents, Save up some cash by buying almost new school uniforms at an affordable rate, after all, even when 
we buy new ones, they change after a few washes. Give the kids just a month and the new uniform is looking different. 
For now, We are accepting and selling uniforms for the following schools:

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*You can fill in your real contact where I wrote the $$$$ and **** signs.
* If you live in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt or any big Nigerian city with many schools, this business can keep you so busy you forget about seeking employment year after year from one company to the other 
*Please make sure you check all uniforms for obvious wear, holes, missing button etc, clean, and fix before putting up for sale.
Congratulations and Success in your business!
You can leave comments below to ask any question where you don't understand. Just stop talking about unemployment and start something for yourself.