She was our neighbour's house help, she couldn't be more than two years older than me, I was around eight years old at the time, we became friends. Beautiful, very fair and hard working, I marveled at her strength.One day I entered their house to visit her, she was backing baby G,
brother Emma was inserting his finger into her virgaina, she bent comfortably with the baby on her back. I screamed, nobody was home, brother Emma removed his hand and asked me what I saw, when I tried to say it, he screamed at me and called me a liar, he said he would report to my Dad that I entered their house without knocking and I lied against an elder. ( He was the brother to Ify's aunty's husband, yes my friend the house help was the niece of the madam of the house) I panicked, my Dad would flog me for going there, he would flog me for lying, he would flog me for saying such a thing, so my little head decided that I didn't see what I saw, I apologized to bro Emma, and ran back home.

Ify later told me that what I saw was true, but that she prefers what bro Emma did to her than what bro C ( our very churcheous head of block rosary ) used to do to her, she explained how painfully he would rub Vaseline to his penis and try to push into her. I asked if I could help her tell her madam but she said no that they will kill her. I didn't tell anyone, I stopped going to anywhere that I might meet both men.

Few years later at about age 10, whilst visiting my aunt and her husband during mid term break, without a single sign of breast on my chest, with no hips or curve, my aunt asked me to sleep in between her and her husband, and in the middle of the night, whilst I tried to fight off the boy who was trying to put his hands in my pants, I woke up to the realisation that my aunt's husband was actually the one putting his hands in my pants, he held my mouth with one hand and trapped my legs with his leg, I fought hard, I couldn't scream, he was hurting me, I couldn't stop fighting, I would not allow it, I continued to use all my strength to break loose, his wife just slept on, I started jabbing on the bed and my sister Ada, who was lying on the floor of their one room apartment in karmo, woke up and made a sound, that was when this useless man left me and I also quickly flew to the ground to

be with my sister. We cried till morning when we left their house back to our boarding school, I could only report him to my mom when school vacated and we went home to Kaduna. I told my Dad last year, he was so upset that I didn't tell him. The idiot had died and my Dad was angry that he couldn't get a chance to kill him.

Why am I remembering these things? Hmmmmmm, Hubby and I had this conversation about how men have lost it in our generation and that everyday we wake up there's a case of child molestation on social media, so I started to tell him that these madness has been existing and it keeps getting worse. If I can't forget what happened to me or my friend over 20 years ago, what then would happen to these kids who were outrightly raped???? What about those who even die for the sake of these unforgivable beasts!??

See, we have to fight against these madness!!! We have to lend our voices, we have to ask for quicker trial and persecution for offenders, we have to make this nonsense stop! When they hear "Abuja Moms" their penis would shrink when they see little girls!

On Saturday 9th of March 2019 we shall have the MOTHER OF ALL MARCHES !!! We would have the #AbujaMomsWalkAgainstChildMolestationAndAbuse

It's going to be a march of 1,000 Abuja Moms wearing our branded t-shirts and asking pedophiles to desist from the act or face the wrath of MOTHERS!!! After our March in March we would wait for a scapegoat that we would follow his case in court till judgement.

It's a long preparation, please plan accordingly to partake in this one as God spares our lives.


Please fight child molestation, any way you can.
Join Abuja moms on Facebook to take part in this great Solidarity March come Ma
rch 9th, 2019.