Once upon a time, I didn't really believe in energy drinks, and just saw them like any other drink we take for pleasure, but na lie oh. Well, maybe I shouldn't be posting this here but there's nothing like being real and authentic with your blog readers. The worst thing any
 blogger would do to their readers is be fake and deceiving. Don't do it. There's an empty can of Monster Energy lying beside me as I type this blog post right now but not to worry, I won't take again till Saturday because I try my best not to exceed three cans a week until I'm certain that taking them daily is ok.  Better to say the truth and be bashed just like bashing made my cooking better, than hide and show something fake. People can actually see through fake.
So, I love energy drinks a lot. I can take them everyday if not for fear of side effects. From the first day I tasted Monster energy (original) and felt that magical energy boost that kept me awake till 3 am because I was still feeling very fresh and energetic, not tired even that early. While my family members slept, I blogged, watched TV and went Social media because I didn't feel tires enough to sleep and just enjoyed being able to have my 'me alone time' while others snored. From that day, I got hooked to energy drinks. Naturally I don't find my energy till around evening time. I am not an early morning person so, all this waking up early to start the day and all that always affected my productivity because I feel weak and tired till later in the day but the story is different when I take a can of energy drink so, I started shopping energy drinks. Sometimes I drive to Next Cash and Carry just to shop energy drinks and store at home. Fear won't let me take daily so I manage like three days a week and in each of  those three days, I accomplish so much because of the energy boost I feel.

Busy moms and even men who think they sometimes just need that extra energy especially in our forties and fifties, a little energy drink shouldn't kill because we cannot afford to be feeling tired when there's so much to do.

I haven't tried other energy drinks like Red Bull even though I hear they are great too. I think Monster Energy is still my go to for now because it works wonders. I'll try Red Bull and maybe another energy drink some time in the future. Among the different brands of Monster energy sef. Monster Original is my favourite. The only time I took Monster Fury in the Black and red can, I didn't feel as much energy like when I down a can of Monster Original. It really really helps with energy boosting. Wish one can take a can daily but too much of anything will sure bring side effects rearing the ugly heads.


  1. Improved energy levels as explained above.
  2. Unexplained happiness. Thankfully there's no alcohol in energy drinks, I 'd have blamed my mood on alcohol. Honestly, when I take energy drinks, Monster Energy like I said, I find myself in a very good mood, smiling over almost everything, just being in a good place and smiling to mistakes that would have earned a yell or scream. Poor internet connection in Nigeria is enough to put me in a bad mood when I can't work or do anything, but not when I take these drinks. I feel no anger or sadness, when internet fails,  I just calmly look for something else and do.mood is better when I take energy drinks, so aside energy, These energy drinks also improve one's mood.
  3. The third reason I take energy drinks is the calmness I feel after that. Energy drinks for me, have so much good to offer. I feel energized, happy and just calm, that calmness that makes one feel so relaxed. I don't know if it's the work of caffeine or whatever it is, it works for me in a good way. Just felt like sharing. A busy mom somewhere might need this.