My definition of house party jollof rice is that jollof rice that's cooked for a small party, it doesn't involve cooking one bag of rice or cooking a half bag of rice but it is cooking rice that's much more
than the normal quantity for family Sundy rice. 
House party jollof rice is that jollof rice that's cooked when you have a few family and close friends like 30 guests coming for an indoor celebration. This cooking is a bit much but sometimes not big enough to hire caterers so you want to handle it in your kitchen. 
I get mails from readers, people asking for quantity of ingredients to use when cooking like a quarter bag of rice, half bag of rice and sometimes even one whole bag of rice and I'm like, if you are not a caterer and you do not want to mess things up for yourself and guests, once the quantity of rice has increased to a half bag (that's about 60 cups of rice), I think a caterer should be hired to do a professional job because cooking  6 cups of rice in your kitchen is way different from cooking a bag of rice to serve guests. T

hose kinds of large cooking require special appliances oh, special cooking pots and heavy duty gas burners, so, if you make the mistake of cooking one bag of rice yourself in your kitchen, First and foremost is that your guests might leave disappointed at the taste of the food. The under will overcook while the top remains uncooked. You will be ashamed of serving your one bag rice that would have increased to three bags while cooking. The food will get wasted as many may not eat and you'll waste a whole lot of money throwing food away. 
Another thing that might likely happen is you falling sick after all said and done, the cooking and partying is over then you body begins to cry out with pains and malaria fever triggered by excessive stress from cooking one bag of rice alone. 
At the end of the day, it's 'a penny wise and pound foolish' idea because the money you'd have used to hire a professional caterer will not be as much as that wasted treating yourself or the waste of throwing left over rice away. Hunger flies away when party food tastes bad actually.

We know that  about 110 cups of rice fill a 50kg bag of rice,  and we can multiply the ingredients on this post to achieve that. However, and honestly, there's some expertise needed for that kind of cooking, but, if you feel like you can do it, then there's a trick, dividing into smaller pots that can take say 30 cups each and cooking in separate hot burners to avoid having to stir a gigantic pot of Nigerian jollof rice.

For blog readers who want to cook one bag jollof rice at home with our recipe, we'll leave that recipe for another day, when we collaborate with a professional caterer. and take step by step pictures for you. 
 The biggest pot in my kitchen can only take about 20 cups of rice at once. For now, we are going to cook 15 cup jollof rice for a small housewarming party or visiting day at kid's school, small family reunion, new car washing party, welcome home inhouse party for an elder brother/sister that just returned form completing his course of study abroad or a small Thanksgiving for family/close friends. 
Sometimes even a birthday dinner party is held indoors with just a few people in attendance. In that case, you have your drinks, entertainment, small chops and other snacks for the few guests and just want to add a small quantity of rice to the menu to make it a complete Nigerian party.

15 cups of rice can conveniently feed 30 people if each person is served with some proteins like beef, chicken or fish; a side of say fried plantains, fried irish potatoes, moi moi or salad/coleslaw. 
For my children's visiting day.  I try to avoid cooking twice in one weekend, so we cook for the day and for family Sunday rice all in that 15 cup jollof rice and most times there is still left over even after everyone has taken enough. Rice doubles and even triples in size after cooking.

For this, 15 cup jollof rice, I'm going to share the recipe we used for my family and it worked!


 We are going to cook with tomato paste, also called tin tomato or canned tomato. The reason being that there is no time as my kids' school sent the visiting day notification very late, not upto a day's notice, there's no time to go start buying and blending and boiling tomato fruit, so. We'll make do with tomato paste. It is from this cooking that we posted the tin tomato jollof rice recipe for five cups of Rice. It was easy because we made two pots of tin tomato jollof rice.  My small burners didn't have the courage to carry one pot 15 cups of rice, so, we divided in half, used two pots and that really made the jollof cooking job easy, fast and fun.
After blending with onion, peppers and ginger one can of 800 gram tomato paste produced 2 and half kilograms of tomato paste for us. It was much!

  • Fifteen cups rice
  • 5kg chicken
  • 1 large can tomato paste ( 800 grams) You can use one small basket (The paint bucket size) tomatoes if you are cooking with fresh tomato fruits.
  • 10 large sized red onion
  • About 10 cups fresh rodo peppers or more according to your tolerance level.
  • Oil for frying
  • Enough seasoning cubes to add taste to 5 kg chicken while parboiling. We used upto 15 cubes if not more sef. Seasoning cube police can reduce to your taste no wahala at all.
  • 3  yellow peppers
  •  3 red bell peppers
  •  3 green bell peppers
  • 3 small cloves garlic
  • 3 tablespoons grated ginger
  • 2 tablespoons dried thyme
  • 1 tablespoons or more Nora jollof spice (the red one)
  • 2 cups raw green peas
  • 10 large carrots cleaned.
The method here is almost same with the tin tomato jollof rice method posted last weekend, just the quantity of ingredients that differ...

1. Chop all your vegetables and set aside; chop or dice the onion and set aside.
2. Blend the tin tomatoes with your rodo peppers and onion, ginger till smooth, then set aside.
3. Wash the chicken very well and add to a pot, add enough onion, chicken loves onion. Add just a small tiny clove of garlic chopped. Grate the ginger and add, add salt, seasoning cubes and water enough to get to the level of the chicken in the pot. Stir and check for taste if you can, if not let the chicken boil a bit before you check and adjust with more salt if needed. When you put chicken on fire, reduce the heat to low and let it simmer until the bottom pot begins to try to boil, then you stir and check for salt. When it begins to boil a bit, if you are cooking with soft chicken like me, no need to let it boil well, just turn off the stove and remove the chicken from the stock. Fry chicken and set aside. Set the stock too aside for the jollof rice.
4. Wash and dice the carrots and set aside.

TIP: If you par boil your chicken this way and leave in the fridge till the following day before frying, you might cut your finger while eating as the taste may cause your brain to overdrive. Exactly what I did here. This chicken was parboiled yesterday and kept in the freezer while I turned it off to avoid freezing the chicken stock. It just marinated itself while spending the night in that cold stock and this morning announced itself to the whole neighbourhood because the aroma couldn't be hidden. It was just excellent!


1. Fry a handful chopped onion, the red bell peppers, seasoning cubes, green bell peppers and yellow bell peppers in heated oil till the taste is good when you try it and it's also fragrant.

2. Add the blended tomato paste and stir frequently until you notice that the oil is separated from the tomato kind of. It's boiling like bubbles and more transparent. At this time, the stew should already taste good.

3. Add the chicken stock and stir, then check for taste and adjust if salt is needed.

4. Add the washed rice and let it be buried in the stock. If stock isn't enough, add water to cover the rice completely, then check for salt again.

 That's the jollof spice I use. Well, I don't know if there are two different types of Nora jollof spice because, once I bought a bottle of Nora jollof spice, the shape isn't like this and it didn't give bright colour to my jollof at at all. Even after adding tatashey (Red bell peppers) I still use a bit of jollof spice. Be careful. If it's not red inside the bottle, leave it alone and make do with red bell peppers for colour.


5. Add the thyme and jollof spice. Drop in just three small bay leaves and bring the pot to a boil. Once it begins to boil, reduce the heat and cook in low from now until rice cooks.

6. If you prefer to cook the rice separately and mix stew later, you can cook your rice with half the stock, use half for stew and mix them together when the rice is cooked. I like to cook everything together in one pot.
Cooked the 15 cups of rice in two halves because of the pot sizes and small burners.

7. Let rice cook until stock dries completely, add the carrots and green peas when rice is cooked, stir and cover to dry, while pot dries up, the carrots and the peas will be cooked enough for food.in short, allow the pot to begin to like burn but not too much oh.

8. Turn off the heat and serve with fried plantain and your fried chicken. Some sauce by the side with chill drinks will be great.

Sha oh, if you are convinced that you can cook jollof rice for 100 guests, all you need do is multiply these ingredients by 3 and add extra five cups of rice... Tada, your 100 guests jollof rice is ready to be served and enjoyed.

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