There are so many types of perfumes in the market today. Depending on the mood, many women sometimes have more than one type to use according to how they feel at any moment. Perfumes date back to around 7000 BC in The Middle East. 
In the past, the sole reason
for wearing perfumes by ladies was to attract men to themselves. Perfumes are fragrant liquids extracted from oils, flowers and even spices, used to give pleasant smells and sometimes soothing smells to the body or even objects.
Perfumes are usually in liquid form and can also be called:
eau de cologne
eau de toilette or toilet water and so on.
There are so many types of perfumes categorized under different families and different people need and also want different types for their bodies, events and feel. 
For me, I am a woman but have never loved feminine fragrances and I don't know why but I have come to accept that and tell people without feeling odd. Feminine perfumes tend to smell too strong and too sweet at the same time for me, they are either fruity smells, floral, sugary or some kind of sweet something that when I put on, I begin to feel like a flower or fruit and that's not even it. Sometimes I kind of choke on them even when very little is sprayed around me. It's like the spicy, fruity, floral alcoholic/spirits essences are too strong for me or something. When I'm pregnant, it's even worse. While I can't even stand beside anyone wearing perfumes for women, I can comfortably wear perfumes meant for for men. I think it's from my very sensitive sense of smell or something. When I get gifted perfumes for women, I end up giving them away and then looking for men's perfumes to wear and feel good. I like to smell like a man and I hope that's ok and not a turn off but, sha, hubby has never complained. 
Sometimes I ask myself this question..."Could they also be men who love to wear women's perfumes? That will look one kind sha but if I can wear men's fragrances, why shouldn't they wear ladies' fragrances? For men' s fragrances, most smell kind of clean linen, mountain fresh air, woody, oceanic, professional and mild just the way I love  my body to smell. I hope and pray I'm not the only woman that prefers to wear perfumes meant for masculine men oh.

Anyways, back to types of perfumes and how to use them on the body. With the different types of fragrances in the market, it's good to experiment and know what you love and also the way one can be wearing the wrong bra for years, is same with perfumes too, without trying and experimenting, you may just be wearing the not so right one for you without knowing. For those who really really want to get it right, perfume experts have a way of matching your perfume type to your personality, with a short quiz. They arrive at what types of fragrances are great for your type of person.  By answering just three questions on that site, I can already know what perfume types are for my kind of person and it's fun because answering their quiz shows that I gravitate toward those kinds of like oceanic, woody, men's kind of perf smells. The free quiz is fun anyway.

So, there are about 8 basic types of fragrances with different variants:
1. The Floral Perfumes from different sweet smelling flowers like roses, Jasmine and so on.
2. Woody Perfumes are sometimes unisex. They have a combination of wood and moss.
3. Oceanic  Perfumes smell like clean linen or mountain fresh air and are suitable for job interviews or official events.
4. Spicy Fragrances. These are like fragrances in our kitchen spices, smells like cinnamon, ginger, pepper and they are good for casual occasions.
5. Citrus fragrances derived from citrus, mandarin, lime, tangerine and so on.
6. Fruity perfumes are usually like sweet smelling fruits with that fruity feel and smell, a blend of orange, mango, peach and other juicy fruits we love to eat. 
7. Oriental perfumes  are a combination of earthy, musky, animalistic base scents used to seduce or mostly used when one is on a date or romantic night out. 
G8. reen perfumes smell like fresh leaves and newly cut grass. These tend to be unisex and mild, They are good for casual events and occasions.


Your perfumes are supposed to be worn on the body, not on your clothes. It is through the body that our clothes should come in contact with the fragrances. Spray your perfumes on targeted areas like joints, behind the ears, at the back of the neck, cleavage, elbow...
2. Rub a little vaseline on those targeted areas before spraying perfumes if you want them to last longer.
3. Spray your perfume right after getting a shower, before you get dressed. Let the clothes come on and get in contact with the perfume that's already on the body.
4. Hold your fragrances away from the body before spraying, don't bring the bottle of perfume too close. 5 to 7 inches away should be ok. 
Keep smelling good and feeling great.