This is a No-fry tomatoes ginger stew but even if you like to fry your tomato stews, you can still add the ginger before blending and make sure there is enough red bell peppers, not just tomatoes alone. When you cook tomatoes stew with tatashey, the taste is better than cooking with just tomatoes and onion
Adding ginger to tomatoes stew makes a whole lot of difference. Right from boiling, the aroma is different and very inviting. Normally, I boil my blended tomatoes a bit, strain out excess water before I continue cooking, or boil before blending tomatoes but with this, because of the ginger added, I couldn't strain anything for fear of losing the ginger aroma in the stew. The blended tomatoes continued to boil till dry before I added vegetable oil and continued cooking without frying. Do not add too much ginger, else it overpowers the tomatoes. Less is more. For this gingered tomatoes stew, even though the tatashey looks more, the tomatoes weighed more.

If I create a recipe and it turns out not good enough by my taste buds, I try my best to warn so that you tread with caution. I started adding ginger to my tomatoes some months back and because the family enjoys the gingered tomatoes stew more, we just made it a norm that ginger is added to our tomatoes stews. The first time was when we cooked tomatoes stew with local chicken for visiting day and realized that was the stew everyone wanted. Tomatoes ginger stew tastes great. When I do fry my tomatoes stew, I fry the grated ginger together with onion sometimes.

1kg fresh tomatoes
1/2kg red bell peppers
A handful fresh ginger
3 medium sized red onion
Seasoning cubes
2 cups soya oil
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon curry powder

1. Blend tomatoes with red bell peppers, ginger and onion, then boil till dry.
2. Add oil and leave to boil with the blended ingredients.
3. Add the already cooked meats and let it simmer in tomatoes stew for about 2 minutes.
 4. Add curry, seasoning cubes, salt, black pepper. Stir and check for taste before covering the cooking pot with a lid to simmer.
4. Add the meat stock from your cooked meat pot.
Check frequently and stir to keep food from burning.
5. Satisfied with the taste?
Serve and enjoy with boiled rice ,plantain, yam, okra soup like I did here or spaghetti and the list goes on.


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