She is already an empty box, waiting to drop anyday and leave her family in tears. I'm posting the story below and whether it be true or false is not the matter right now. Ladies, we need to be more careful with the pressure to get the latest Iphones and Macbooks and expensive apartments from rich boyfriends. It's a pity that while the world is
talking about Technology, about how to move forward and make life better for humans, we are still here talking about black magic, about ritual sacrifices and runs girls. This story trended so much on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook over the weekend but I couldn't find time to blog about it. So, all I can say now is 'fire on the mountain ladies!, female students especially. If you have a sister, cousin, child that's on campus, please have a talk with them incase they haven't seen this trending story. They can live simple on campus, they can be content with the little that's provided them and still graduate with excellent results. The best things in life are free and we should focus on that and try to pursue simplicity and contentment.   No time to play with your life any,more, time to sit down, think and act because the days are not smiling. It's not only the women this time, men too have become victims of ritualists but there are more stories of  female bodies found dumped with vital organs missing.  

A Twitter user had this story to share about his neighbour's daughter who returned home dejected and crying so much because even a ritualist rejected her after she was kidnapped by her rich boyfriend  and taken there for sacrifice. With the cost of living being so harsh, the unsmiling Economy, life is really hard. In short, just last week, a young graduate lamented to me that he cannot believe he is living like a refugee right in his own country.

So, about the young lady 'small girl with a big God' that travelled to Abuja to see her 'big God' and  ended up being hypnotized in the night and taken to a ritualist who quickly rejected her in anger stating that 'her useless soul' be taken away from his shrine because her destiny had already been used by a superior power in Ijebu.  The powers couldn't even use her as sacrifice for money ritual purposes because there was nothing in her to be used, everything had been taken and then I ask... her destiny already been used by who? A yahoo yahoo big god boyfriend or who? 

So, for students who want more than their parents can provide them, a young lady will be studying in the University, working so hard to make it in life with no clue that all that is left for her is the day she'll finally pass on because there is no defined future anymore.The bright star God gave her to fulfil destiny in this life is already taken by someone and she just has no future anymore. Can drop dead mysteriously any day, anytime as it's just an empty box that's left with her, the Engine, the life, her soul is used already. The story is unbelievable and I had to ask myself is this is not a Nollywood movie but the way the Twitter user narrated this story, there might be some truth in there and if there is, so that mean there are people whose shine have already been taken from them without their consent and they keep struggling and sweating without success. 

The story doesn't even end there. He goes on to say that any man that sleeps with her, will suffer the same consequence. What? So it's going to spread, it means that a curse has been placed on her already and whoever goes to join body fluids with her automatically becomes a victim too. I wonder how many people, how many ladies like this are walking the street as side chickens and girlfriends of some innocent people.

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  1. DEFAULT SMILE10/08/2018

    Did they say Ijebu as in Ijebu? nothing can be done about her case. She is a goner already.

  2. Anonymous10/08/2018

    Aunty Eya back on ground. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, whenever there is a story in town, I like to come to your blog and get the lodown of the matter and what you think. That woman could have died because of Iphone X to take pictures and post on Instagram.

  3. Anonymous10/08/2018

    Naija I hail .


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