Image courtesy: The Standard.
I won't say singles because some single ladies are so knowledgeable about marriage relationships that when they give advise, you wonder how they know so much. Maybe from how they see their parents live as a couple. Some single friends give better advice than even married friends. When I saw this post shared on Social Media, supposed to be addressed to married women who stalk their husbands, the tone, just shows clearly that
this might be one side chick whose 'big god' has a wife that doesn't give them breathing space to practice the side chickening.
Read it and prove me wrong...

"I laugh when I see women stalk their husband. Some women end up chasing genuine and true friends away while they keep their enemies around. Some will even hang out with their husband's girlfriend and eat from the same pot with her without knowing it. I have an aunty who doesn't want to have any single woman around and frowns once she sees one greet her very rich husband in church. But all of us in the house knew that her husband was sleeping with all her married friends and bought brand new SUVs for some of them. A woman somewhere in Ikoyi, while going for cancer treatment abroad, asked her trusted married friend to monitor her man. She came back to meet her married friend pregnant for her own husband. Her marriage is over. 

Another one, a neighbour in my office, kept her sister with her husband and sent the house help away before traveling to the UK. Her sister was pregnant and cruising about town in a brand new Hyundai SUV bought for her by her sister's husband. She is now the madam.
Another thing that happens to you when you won't give the guy breathing space is that you will die of High BP. Leave his phone and email address alone. Allow him go out and spend time with friends. How many of his friends' wives have you met in that joint? Do you think they love and care for their man any less? You are wrong; they are simply grown adults. If you go to his phone and inbox, you shall find that which you seek.Some women have ended up losing their husband because they couldn't give him space. 

Some even walk into his office during important meetings with female colleagues and business partners. Men have lost money because of madam's attitude. Always remember that is the business that buys your Range Rover and BMW.Be careful not to see trouble sleeping and with your clear eyes, call for trouble. A man who wants to cheat will cheat even if he lives in church.

Funny advice!