Today has been a restful weekend by God's grace with everyone indoors cooking and eating and drinking warm water. I had a little time to visit Social Media and was shocked that  a simple question made me realize how we reason as a people. I was a bid sceptical of sharing my own opinion because mine didn't agree with about 98% of the responses that supported keeping the tithe to pay at church and letting a little boy RIP. 

Someone asked, something like '... If  your neighbours child fell very ill and needed help, all you have that's not spent after collecting your salary is just the tithe. Ok, so, the tithe is still with you because you are waiting for Sunday to go to church and pay it in. In the meantime, your helpless neighbour's child needs to be
taken to the hospital and there's no dime and you see this child gradually passing away. The poster asked. 'what will you do? Can you use that money kept as tithe to take the child to hospital? Many kept asking 'what about the remaining money aside the tithe?' What if there was no other money at home aside the tithe because church services aren't daily and you perhaps want to wait till Sunday to pay in your tax? 
The thousands of responses on that post have shown that we do not even have love for other people. Can anyone bribe or help God. I had to stop and leave a short comment asking if we think we can help The Almighty God that owns heaven and earth. Do we think that our payment or non payment of tithes can change God or upgrade his lifestyle in anyway? God doesn't need us investing in him and forgetting the people that we see daily.  
If that actually happened around you, what would you do? Tithe payment is personal just like your Salvation. We are adults taking responsibility for all our actions. If you have decided to pay or not to pay tithe, that's between you, your family and your God. We are not condemned for paying Tithe, neither are we condemned for not paying. If you pay tithe to God the creator and owner of everything and cannot show love to a poor boy dying beside you, is that one Religion? 
He himself has asked you to Love your neighbour as yourself and stressed that, THAT is the greatest commandment. We now are really trying to make money the greatest. The charity that we should be involved in, we are not doing jack. The love, we don't show ourselves. 
May we never be made to believe that money supersedes the redemptive work of the blood shed for man. May we not begin to think that giving money justifies us and opens the gate to heaven.

How can anyone think that leaving a poor child to die because the money is meant for tithe will please God. The Almighty must really be seeing something and shaking his head at the way that we reason and how we try to force everyone to reason like us. We love to act like serious Religious people when it doesn't affect us directly. 

If you kept 10k for tithe payment, you have no other money at home and your little baby falls very ill in the middle of the night, so you let your child die at home and then package the money on Sunday to go drop in the Tithe basket? Will you even dare wait one second before picking up that money and rushing like wind to the hospital? If we cannot love our fellow man, how then do we think that we love God? You cannot help God, but you can help your fellow man. You cannot shop for God but you can shop for the needy man. You cannot buy medications for God but truly you can do that for the needy and see your life overflow with blessings. 

Do we think that he needs our Naira and Kobo? For what? We can only give to advance the work of God here on earth but we can never send or post our Naira to heaven. He receives it when we engage in acts of kindness and charity. He receives and gets pleased when we love others enough to make sacrifices for them. He hates it when we try to help him and when we try to fight for him.Who do we think that we are, that God will need our Naira or Dollar or Shillings? He gets interested when we show Love to those who need it and I think he prefers that to hiding the money under the ground so we give to him to buy heavenly akara and bread. He doesn't eat, neither does he drink. Our neighbours need Love and when we show this love, it's a service to God. Do not let others suffer and die while you save your money to spray on the Almighty who owns even you and all that you have.
We are free to give any amount, any percentage we chose but remember this ... No amount, no percentage, no currency on this planet can take the place of the blood of the lamb. Also remember to love your neighbour because, that really counts. 


  1. Anonymous10/07/2018

    I get what you are saying....but yuuuou deviated from the question which is highly unrealistic...the tithe might be the only cash at home but cannot be the last cash he has......its atmost a week interval between his salary payment and sunday...of course he can take the cash at home and help the neighbour's son, then REPLACE back to tithing.....tithe is actually a SEED!!! you don't eat ur seed....There is seed and bread in every salary or increase you my dear...paying your tithe is an act of faith as a child of God and is not OPTIONAL as a PRACTICING CHRISTIAN!!! please check your bible before drawing's a changing world but the word of God cannot change.....yes He is a good God but you have ur part to play.....and 10% is tithe and even more according to your relationship with God, afterall we cannot outgive the owner.....tithe is not for charity....and i'm not a pastor neither do i have shares in a church....IF YOU PAY YOUR TITHE FROM A LEGITIMATE SOURCE IN FAITH ....believing that God who has promised is dear God will never let your oil run dry....i'm a living witness.....don't buy the lies of the devil....let us practice Christianity in all totality.......God help us with understanding in Jesus name ....

    1. Amen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. I have a question. What is the most important thing to do in our service to God. Is it evangelism or tithing. Please I want to know because my colleague and I have been having this argument lately.

    1. I don't understand. Story Amaka I don't know which is more important.

  3. I agree with Eya. Tithing is not obligatory for a committed Christian. Remember, tithing was an Old Testament law which applied only to Israel. If you read the text in Malachi, you will see that the exhortation was made only to Israel.
    I dare you to read all of Paul's letters to the churches, also the letters written by Peter, James, John and Jude, and nowhere do you read about obligatory tithing. Freewill offerings and giving, yes! And you are free to give 100% of your income if you want to. Barnabas, for example, did in Acts 4:32-36. Freewill giving is entirely by grace, and one is free to give as much as he wants, even far more than a tithe. But there is no obligation, because to be obliged to tithe puts you under the Law. And if you feel obliged to keep one Law, then you are obliged to keep the whole Law, and to put you back into bondage after Christ has set you free.
    Indeed, God will be glorified by showing mercy to those in need and to give, so those needs can be met.


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