Red beans moin moin cooked with egg, fish and vegetables.
This red beans moin moin was made the same day I fried red beans akara balls. I just wanted to see how red beans can be served in different ways to my family to enable us eat some more red beans. I love red beans porridge and I think I enjoy it more than this red beans moi moi or the red beans akara. Just like the akara balls made from red beans, some of my family members like this but I didn't enjoy the
meal. I don't know if I'll miss it in future and want to prepare red beans moin moin or maybe I try making it a different way. With all the ingredients added to this moin moin, if this was white (black eyed peas or brown beans) The meal would have forced me to lick all my ten fingers. I ate it but didn't lick my fingers even though some did. You may like it, so I encourage you try and if you don't enjoy it, you can try our moin moin cooked with beans and raw egg. I expected the moi moi to look red like this beans anyway.

My frozen red beans.

3 cups beans
1 cup blended tatashey and rodo peppers
1 cup chopped carrots
1 medium sized onion
hard boiled eggs
1 medium sized fish to cook, debone and add
seasoning cubes
2 cups vegetable oil.
Before you cook this moin moin, blend the tomatoes with onion and peppers and set aside.
1 cup Chop the carrots
Cook and debone the fish you want to use and set aside.

1. Soak red beans overnight or at least for an hour before blending into a very smooth paste. I milled mine because I'm not sure this beans won't ruin the  electric blender.
2. Boil the tomatoes till dry and fry.
3. Add seasoning and salt to taste
4. Add the carrots
5. Check for salt and taste, then add to the blended beans and stir.
6. Check again for salt before wrapping.
7. Steam for about an hour or till it tastes cooked.
8. Turn off the heat and leave to cool a bit.
9. Serve and enjoy. When you try this recipe, do let us know how it went, if you like the taste compared to other moi moi recipes. You'll sure like our unripe plantain moin moin as that one is great for diabetics, sugar control and weight loss. You should also learn how to wrap moi moi in leaves.
Happy cooking!