Quick jollof macaroni cooked early in the morning to pack for kids' lunch boxes. Jollof macaroni is cooked the same way we cook jollof rice but macaroni cooks much faster so it's ok to make it in the morning for both adult and kids' lunch boxes. The stock  wasn't
enough o, water completed the job. If your stock can't cover up the macaroni in the pot, just add hot water and continue cooking. You are free to add or leave out some ingredients according to how your taste buds dictate. 
Stir fry the vegetables with seasoning, if you are adding more pepper, do it now.

Add the fresh tomatoes.

Add the tomato ketchup. Kids love it.

Stir jollof stock and check for taste.

I like to add jollof spice for bright colour especially when there's no tatashey.

Add the goat meat or chicken stock or whichever stock you chose to cook with.

After it boils, add pasta.

Add more hot liquid to cover the pasta.

Drop one bay leaf in the pot.
Jollof mac is ready at exactly 10 minutes in the pot.
 Packed in a lunch box with boiled eggs for kids, they cannot chew goat bones.

Jollof macaroni for adult lunch box too.

1 medium sized red onion
1 large green pepper
2 seasoning cubes
3 fresh tomatoes
2 tablespoons tomato ketchup
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1 and half cups Vegetable oil
1 pack macaroni (500g)
1 teaspoon jollof spice
1 bay leaf

Get the ingredients ready... Wash and chop the onion, green pepper, tomatoes and set aside. If you are packing with eggs for the kids, let the eggs be ready and cooling in cold water somewhere so you don't sweat it ot struggling with hot eggs while the school bell is ringing and the bus is blaring their sweet horn by your window. If you are cooking this macaroni for adults, then you'll need to add more peppers while stir frying the vegetables.

  1. Stir fry the onion, green pepper and dried thyme with seasoning till fragrant.
  2. Add the tomatoes and stir
  3. Add tomato ketchup and stir
  4. Add the stock and jollof spice, check for salt and add if needed. ;eave to boil before adding pasta.
  5. Add the macaroni and increase the level of stock or water to cover let the mac be submerged in water because you don't want to add water while cooking.
  6. Add bay leaf and cover to cook.
  7. Check after 5 minutes and adjust salt or stock if needed. Cover again to cook for another 5 minutes and it's ready. Don't overcook pasta please.
  8. Pack hot in lunch boxes and check later to see how the kids ate so so well.
Happy lunch boxing. 
This is not our fist post on lunch box ideas, you can check out The post with Nigerian school lunch box ideas and a free 4 week meal timetable for parents to try. When my big girls were younger, packing a lunch box was not easy as their school didn't allow oily foods. The days they took snacks to school were so many, chai! I pity those girls. You have to be genius to come up with a plan for a term. They only ate oily foods at home. This yummy jollof macaroni would have been a no, no. You cook and keep at home. They eat after school. If you couldn't come up with anything fast, you end up stopping at a fast food or restaurant to order meat pies, roast chicken, shawarma, pizza Etc and the kids really loved it but I was worried even though it's a good school, the number of obese kids then made me blame the foods parents gave these kids to take to school. Even ordinary fried rice or jollof sef, we were not allowed to pack but things have changed. The feeding is healthier now from what we hear anyways.  They now allow kids to eat even semo and okra soup during break.


  1. Please don't serve with the bay leaf. Take it out when food is ready.


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