Whoever started this Sunday rice thing should please tell us their reason.  It stuck and glued and just stayed permanently. Just the way we love to enjoy akara and akamu/custard on Saturday mornings (Nigerian weekend breakfast) Nigerians love their
Sunday rice. Cooking soup or any other food on Sunday brings lots of question from kids like 'ah ahn mummy, is today not Sunday? Mummy are we eating eba on Sunday? Mummy today doesn't feel like Sunday. There are Sundays I don't feel like eating rice but have to cook rice for the family and warm my soup for some fufu. Nigerian Sunday Lunch doesn't take time to cook. We cook rice because sometimes church services too, they  take a little long and by the time you get home, it's already Lunch time. What else will cook fast if not rice? 

Nigerian Sunday rice used to be like Christmas when the Economy was still smiling. Kids looked forward to Sunday lunch while adults wished they rested after church instead of entering the kitchen for heavy pots of rice. Sunday rice can be Rice and tomato stew, Rice and gravy, rice and sauce, jollof rice, coconut rice, fried rice or any rice recipe but just let it be rice especially if you have kids at home.

This fried rice served with plantain and fried goat meat is delicious. Goat meat coconut rice.If you are used to cooking fried rice with chicken, try using goat meat stock next time and see how you'll search in vain for left overs. Goat meat goes really well with fried rice. Our Fried coconutty coconut rice is a must try next Sunday.
Nigerian sunday lunch is served with some chill drinks when NEPA behaves... Kunu, zobo, soft drinks, fruit juices and water. Coleslaw is served sometimes with rice and stew or with jollof rice. I am a fish loving person, whether on Sunday or not but kids prefer meats or you have to fry the fish, just to get them to eat it. 

TIP: When boiling goat meat, sprinkle a little oregano or drop a little lemon grass in there and let it cook through. By the time it starts boiling, the aroma would have reached the fifth compound neighbours.

Nigerian tomato fish stew

Tomato fish stew too is served with boiled rice on Sundays. To serve Sunday lunch early in Nigeria, the stew is cooked ahead of time. Cook the stew early in the morning before church or Saturday evening and keep in the refrigerator. See Fresh catfish tomato stew. Also learn how to cook fresh catfish stew.
Happy Sunday.