Jealousy in marriage is real and because you haven't experienced it doesn't mean it's non existent. Jealousy in marriage can be very deadly oh. If your spouse is jealous/envious of your success, check the level because there are different levels of this kind of jealousy and envy. If it's serious, mind your self oh because it's not from my mouth you'll hear that life is more important than marriage. immediately I saw this post shared on Social media, I couldn't resist
leaving everything to read and say something. What? How can you ask your wife to leave and come and be soaking garri and feeding kids with drinking garri? How dare you get jealous of your own wife because she got all the promotions? Read the trending story below and please don't leave without saying something...
"My husband and I work in the same organisation, he was the one who took me there, within 1 year of working there I was promoted twice while my husband wasn't promoted at all. Despite he started
working there before me.
My husband isn't happy at work any more, he resigned because he felt the big bosses don't like him, and don't greet him when he walk- in in the mornings.
2 months after his resignation, my salary was increased(all staff) .

My husband hasn't got any job yet till now, (nearly 7 months ).

he now told me to resign because he's the one that took me to work there, he said, if am no longer there, you shouldn't be there as well. This is causing malice already between us at home.


  1. Among the thousands of comments Ton the post, these few comments made sense to me.
    Are you sure this is the whole story?

    If your husband doesn't want your progress, he wouldn't have allowed you into the company in the first place. Madam, don't be shy, tell us the whole truth, we wont flog you.... That's a promise!
    -Amaka N.

  2. This comment too from Abimbola A.A.
    I still don't understand the part that make your boss promote you after one year in office and your husband was not promoted after its years of service with your boss.. Does it mean you are more knowledgeable than him or you are serving your boss right? For your husband to resign means he has been molested and some group of amebo would have told him Oga dey runs your madam... Plz if nothing attach to your promotion, then involved your pastor and possibly your family members.. I pray God help you

  3. From Hillary:
    The cunningness of king David is at work in ur home..
    1* Them promote u twice dem nuh promote people wey dey work before u come company..
    2* Na when ur husband resign(which was a wrong move) him dem increase una salary...
    3* hubby dey see the foul play but if u nuh get money..hide ur face..*in small doctor's voice*
    Hmm..madam,one oga at the top dey eye u..nuh worreh..
    He dey on top ur matter like chess..create chaos..remove the king..then capture the queen..
    Pray oooh..and u guys aren't communicating his resign was supposed to be discussed before the actual event..except u started acting up after the promotions..

    *there's always a flip side to every story..

  4. From Samson:
    Except your many promotions has got something to do with office secret romance which may have necessitated his being frustrated out of work. Otherwise take time to convince him it is not a good idea for the family and try not to be the boss as the finances now come from you. He must have meant well by get you into that job in the first place but I don't know why I strongly feel you submission is still one sided.

  5. Finally, at the back of my mind, I feel like your husband is a good man. How many men will do what he did for you? If you know what it means for a husband to get his wife a job where he works eh? He is clean. So, my last words on this... If your hands are clean, keep your job please because your family needs the money. However, if your hand no clean, then fix it already.

  6. We are humans,jealousy is naturally in us all. Imagine helping your husband get a job where you work... The Head of the organisation is a woman and within a year hubby gets promoted twice and you zero.... Don't lie and say you won't start thinking funny thoughts...


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