This is a post that has been shared so many times on Social Media. It just makes me feel like there are some people you help until you become bankrupt yourself yet their condition will not change, why? Because they are just like that. They make no effort themselves! Imagine that a woman proposes to a young man with 5 million Naira and od other expensive items, for two years, I mean two whole years. She didn't see any investment, she didn't see any returns from the initial five million Naira she gave him for free and here he is, complaining about how he is suffering in the marriage, how he isn't allowed to enjoy the luxury she promised him? How he is thirsty beside a river and cannot drink. Does he want to ruin this woman? I feel like if the house was initially bought in his name, after s

eeing the kind of man that he is, she may have changed Ownership to herself within this period of their marriage. Two years is enough to know the kind of husband she fell in love at first sight with a married. Read his story below and blame me if I'm wrong

bashing him for the way his marriage turned out. Things have changed, the initial excitement is gone and madam is not impressed. Because she gave you all ythose millions doesn't mean you cannot try to earn something yourself. Afterall, you met her while job hunting, what stops you from earning to make the family better?

"I am thirty one and my wife is forty seven years old. She is a very wealthy woman. Two years ago, I went job hunting at her office.


I did not get a job but she told me she found me very attractive and would like to give me an opportunity of a lifetime. That was when she gave me five million naira with an SUV. Then, she asked me to marry her. We got married shortly after that.
Before we got married, she gave me a document of a house she claimed was bought in my name. Six days ago, I discovered that it was fake. The property's original documents showed they belonged to her, not me.
Why would she go the extra mile in deceiving me? She promised to make me head of the company after our marriage but this she never did. All the expensive gift items we were given at our wedding, she hid them from me.
I begged her to let me accompany her to the US, when she traveled to have our twins but she bluntly refused. She doesn't let me use her car and wouldn't fix mine since it broke down. I beg her for virtually everything including sex.
She's making this whole marriage thing very miserable for me. All the promises she made before our marriage, she has refused to keep.
Isn't this the heart of deceit? Why did she make me all those promises when she knew she had no plans to keep them? How long will I continue like this? What can I do to make her change? Is this what people who marry wealthy women go through? Why would I be living beside a river and die of thirst?
Please, how do I handle this?"