There are different methods of making soybeans good for baby's consumption. There is a post on the blog by Peach, where she made the complete Nigerian soya bean cereal for weaning babies and it got great reviews as many mums are still using it after years of the post. In her post, Peach included dried plantain, crayfish, groundnut and other safe ingredients to make the powder for infants. On this
post, I'm only going to make plain Soya beans powder the Nigerian way. The plain one is not fed to kids like a meal on it's own, but added to pap also called ogi/akamu. It adds flavour to their pap. Most babies reject plain tasteless pap but eat when these roasted soya beans powder is added. The title of the post should have been SOYA BEANS POWDER FOR 6 MONTH OLD BABY'S PAP but I don't want to say 6 months because I fed these to all my babies at three months, except my first ofcourse... that one enjoyed exclusive breastfeeding and still prefers liquid foods, drinks to solids even as an 18 year old. I would never have had the courage to say we can feed pap to three months babies, it was just supposed to be my personal ,method of raising/feeding my kids and I didn't want anyone coming to tell me that it's wrong to feed cereals to a 3 month old that's why I never shared my method on this blog. Anyways, Outside the blog, I remember suggesting it to a few of my neighbours in the past who needed to resume work at 3 months and their babies reacted negatively to the formula and foods introduced. They tried and were grateful. So, aside those, I never told anyone outside my family that my kids ate pap at three months. It worked for me maybe because they weren't given baby formula. I saw it done in my local village, the kids ate and grew strong and well, so I tried and there was no regret. Until I saw a 2018 article where Doctors advised moms to give solids to 3 months old babies stating that it helps them sleep longer. I shared that post here on the blog some days back and there and then, made up my mind to share my baby feeding method because some mom might be interested.

 For moms who would like to give their kids pap whether ar 3 or 6 or nine months or even one year old. Adding this fried soya bean powder improves taste and increased nutrition. Soya beans on its own doesn't really taste great but when toasted like this, it begins to taste almost like fried (roasted) groundnut and it's delicious. Even adults can add this powder to their pap and enjoy.   With this method of frying in a dry pan and grinding, there is no fear that baby will purge from under cooked soya bean. It doesn't disturb them because the bean is roasted and not raw. There is something I noticed about soybeans, weevils and other insects don't attack. T
he soybean I bought and used some for my baby when he was three months old, the excess soybeans is still looking fresh in the cupboard four yeas later and I'm thinking 'doesn't soya bean have expiry dates or what?  'These grains are so affordable yet so valuable. The four year old soybeans look like it was harvested this year, not a single insect.


  1. This is the Nigerian method: Place a sprinkle of garri under the pot or frying pan.
  2. Add the cleaned soya beans after removing dirts and immediately start to stir.
  3. When soybeans is ready, you'l know because the colour changes, the skin breaks and it begins to give some nice aroma. Even the garri turns brown and begins to burn.
  4. Turn off the heat and empty into a colander/sieve to sieve your the garri, then leave to cool a bit.
  5. Using a food processor, a blender pulse button, you break the seeds so the skin is easily blown out with a tray. You can rob soybeans between your palms to remove the skin or use a mortar and pestle. When I make the powder for myself, there's no need for removing the roasted skin because fiber is very very important.
  6. Blend or mill the cleaned roasted soybeans into smooth powder and store in airtight containers. Once this powder is ready, I use it to make nutritious pap for my 3 month old baby.
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  1. If I blend it like that without removing the coat is it okay and hope it won't cause constipation in baby?

    1. Remove the skin and use just the roasted bean please.

  2. Anonymous10/28/2018

    Thanks for this information but I'll like to ask can a preterm baby take this? He is already 3 months plus I need to resume work, was born at 8 months plus.

    1. You are welcome. Babies are different and I like myself for wanting to try things out and see for myself as long as it's not poison. You can try your baby with a little quantity and from his stool tell if his stomach was upset or next.

  3. My baby is already six months old and we're still observing exclusive breastfeeding. But what I'm observing now is that he's loosen so much weight already. is it right to start with soya flour and pap?


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