Feeding new born babies with cereals like Nigerian pap is what some moms will never imagine but I did it. I have said it again and again on this blog that all my kids except my first daughter, were
introduced to pap also called ogi/akamu 3 months after birth, introduced to family dining table (solids) at 6 month old and were all completely weaned from breast milk at 10 month old respectively. We never gave formula because hubby always warned he didn't want to see any formula given to his babies, lol.  I never added any type of formula to their pap. The pap for my babies was made with five ingredients; (How to make pap from scratch)
1. Maiza for homemade pap
2. Water
3. Homemade roasted soya beans powder and sometimes 
4. Palm oil
5. honey for those that could taste yummy food.
People did ask that I try adding ground crayfish too but I didn't bother because those kids now teenagers did really really well, ate well, were satisfied and happy, so there was no need for trying out other foods or ingredients. I always say that I learnt that from my village, so it's not something that modern moms would love to do but I'm just sharing just incase some modern mom wants to try and see. If anyone thinks it's too early to feed pap to 3 month old baby, Read this article, where Doctors explained that feeding babies solids from 3 months helps them sleep better.

Babies love this pap because of the aroma of homemade toasted soya beans powder. It makes the pap taste good for them and if they refuse, I drop a little honey which makes them clear their food.

NOTE: A baby can get botulism by eating Clostridium botulinum spores found in soil, honey, and honey products. ... Maple syrup is generally considered safe because it comes from inside a tree and cannot be contaminated by soil, as posted by Healthline.

After the bowl of pap, my babies could sleep for long hours. I didn't have to worry much about waking up to feed crying hungry baby because before bed time, as soon as or just before night bath, they are fed full with the homemade pap then there's breastmilk top up before the deep sleep. When they cry at night, it's just for a little suck and sleep takes them off again. I think they did well. The only times we went to hospital were for immunizations and sometimes cold. That's all until my daughter got ill at boarding school and we got admitted. That was the first time by God's grace that we ever got admitted and then again when my baby boy got admitted for jaundice a few days after birth. Aside that, they were ok so all in all, I would say that feeding them pap and breastmilk at 3 months didn't affect them negatively. They are ok in school and when they fall sick it's just the normal malaria, infections and other ailments that all kids suffer growing up. Exclusively breastfeeding a baby on breast milk till 6 months is great for those who can do it and I would advise all new moms to embrace it if they can, even though I tried it for just my fist only. What I don't like to hear sometimes is mothers shaming or judging others who cannot breastfeed exclusively with breastmilk for 6 months. Some even go further to say that babies who don't enjoy exclusive breastfeeding fall ill often, don't grow well like their mates, or grow up to be dull academically. That's a big fat lie!

 First I make my homemade pap from maize, guinea corn or millet and keep in the fridge or freezer. From that, I start using little quantities daily to feed the baby. It's just the same way pap is made for a typical Nigerian Saturday breakfast. The pictures explain it all.  Take a little quantity to make and feed immediately or make and hot water flask or store in a food warmer. Above is the first step in the kitchen. Adding the raw pap to a bowl for mixing.

 Next, I add the teaspoon of palm oil and mix very well before adding water to make a paste.

 Pap is mixed with little water until this paste is formed. Palm oil weakens starch and adds nutrition.
 Adding water before mixing the maize starch into a paste.

 See how it looks when it's well mixed.

 Next step is to add boiling water until the pap is cooked and thickened. Add the homemade soya beans powder and again, mix well.

 Next is honey. Some of my babies enjoyed their meals without honey, we only needed to add soya beans powder but for those that wanted extra taste, I dropped in honey  and mixed well


The yummy look after adding powder and honey but that's not all, I still have to make it light and easily digestible by adding some more water to get a runny, light consistency that won't stick to baby's throat while eating.

  • When can I start giving my baby pap?

3 to 4 months is ok. I do 3 months.

  • How can I make millet pap for my baby"
  • See how to make millet pap or from other grains. Same method.
  • How do I preserve raw pap? Store in the fridge or freezer. It lasts longer in the freezer but that means you have to store in smaller containers and to bring out overnight to defrost. Raw pap can also be kept in a bowl of fresh water for weeks, just make sure the water is changed morning and night or at least once daily to keep it fresh.


  1. Since you didn't give them any formula, is it only pap you were given or do you also give another food apart from Pap?

    1. Pap and breast milk. No other food. When I'm with them they suck mummy's milk, when I'm not there they are given pap and water of course.
      Even when I'm there, pap used to be the first morning meal then we top up with breast milk and almighty sleep takes over after bath, lol.

    2. At 6 months we include other foods (without pepper) to the pap and breast milk menu. At 10 months we drop breast milk and continue with pap, beverage and other foods.


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