Good morning Aunty Eya. How do you tell someone that they smell not good? Sorry am disturbing you this early with my personal issues. I discovered your blog just last week while searching for Nigerian recipes on Google and have been really really excited about the advice and tips on successful relationship. I love how you advise your bloggers and hope you and other people on the blog can help me too. I have been single for two years now
because relationships have been very stressful. I meet the wrong people or maybe the wrong men like to approach me and when I enter, it's always not what I wanted, las las it's one chance I get. 
So this past two years I decided to just focus on my life, my job, getting closer to my God and staying clear of relationships until I'm ready for marriage, ready to start a family or as God wants it.

Around Easter, I met someone Online and we hit it off, we just clicked and from chats, the way he communicates, his maturity in handling situations, I could see that this is the kind of man I want to be with. For four months we just communicated online with video calls, Facetime, Whatsapp calls and all but last month we both agreed to meet physically and he travelled all the way to my city and honestly speaking, he is a good man. 

From my first physical encounter with him, I could tell that something wasn't right about either his body odor or mouth odor. He brushed his teeth morning and night for the whole weekend he spent here and even has a mouth wash in his bag of toiletries but I don't really know what's wrong. Am very sensitive with smells so I don't know if the fault is from me or him. I had to Google "solutions for mouth and body odour" read a whole lot on how to heal whatever that's the cause of bad breath but I have a little problem with telling people this kinds of things. I like him and without the body and/mouth odour, would love us to take the relationship to a higher level. How do I tell him that his breath stinks? Should I even tell him self or start looking elsewhere for what I want in a relationship?

Thank you in anticipation and please post me anonymous.


  1. It's not easy to tell someone that they have bad breath without offending them even though they'll really appreciate that you told them what no one else else could. He'll feel embarrassed at first but will get over it soon. I wanted to say that you offer him mouthwash as hint but he already has that.

    Just go straight to point he won't die, he is an adult. and you two are already friends. "I think you need to be careful with what you eat because something in there is making your breath stink"
    That's all. He'll understand immediately.

  2. Poster thank you for this. I have a colleague who I feel has bad breath and it bothers me because I can't tell him abeg. Is it even ok to tell a co worker that they smell bad?

    1. @ Amaka, maybe you secretly drop an anonymous note for him where he can find it. He'll sure act fast.


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