Should she? shouldn't she? Well, Reading all 35 responses below can make you a good Marriage Counsellor, just in case you need to give advice to a grieving woman... Lol.
This question was raised by a Nigerian man Afolabi Mathew on Social media. He asked for responses from both men and women concerning the matter on ground. If a husband who says he's travelling to another city for an official assignment is suddenly
found dead in a hotel room with another woman. Should his wife mourn the dead or not?

Well, before you share your answer, let me share with us what other people said. Read responses Below:

    1. Because he is your husband, it's important that you pay him the last respect.
    2. Because he was her husband despite how he died, she can still mourn. Husband is husband. They must have had good times in the past, all those memories would make her mourn.
    3. It's not my portion, but the truth is I ain't morning no shit motherfucking cheating bastard son of a bitch , the case of Texas, he left his wife and kids at home and went to sleep in his side chick house, only for the side chick baby daddy to come there and stab the man (the current boyfriend ) to death. So why mourning him?

    4. I will cry for the time and energy I wasted.
    5. Death is death, irrespective of where it comes from or how it has come, she must mourn, not because of his infidelity but because of either the children or what would eventually befall her .
    7. So nothing befell him when he was put his dick in all the holes until he died right? I beg let the concubine organise how they will mourn and bury him I beg
    8. Mourn? Let the concubine mourn
    9. Well mourning is just like paying the last respect and bidding him farewell,so she should do so and tell him to go well so that she will rest and have peace of mind.
    10. This is tough but I still think that she has to mourn as a legal wife whom dowry is still on her head or possibly because of the children if there is.
    11. Mourning is very personal it's only the mourner that can tell you why she's grieving. She will mourn the wasted years and the fact that love was a lie she will be pained by the insult of it ALL.
    12. Mourning is a personal thing.
    13. Unfortunately he died a Foolish death from his waywardness but the wife irrespective of his flaws will miss something good about him and will still wish him alive.
    14. He's dying from infidelity exposed him,meanwhile a lot of men and women here are very unfaithful in relationships and are fortunate not to have been caught or dead yet. That's the difference.
    15. I will never have such experience layemi o. And if it happens there's nothing like mourning.
    16. Even the way he died is enough to make her mourn all her life.
    17. Naaaaaa. The concubine should do the mourning! He died during 'service' so the 'employer' should handle!
    18. You have to mourn your husband,your husband is your husband, you are the wife, concubine is concubine, note that all men are polygamous in nature.
    18. Is this mentality and acceptance that has made men to continue to cheat! After burial mourning ends, no he-goat husband deserves mourning after such public disgrace.
    19. Yes I will ooo but won't cry any stupid or fake cry.
    Coz if it were to be the other way round he won't even mourn me instead he will be with his
    "Side Ewure".... While I'm six feet under the ground.
    But wait oooo what am I mourning seff?
    20. Is it because no more Cucumber or because he's not a good father figure to the kids or bcoz he lied to me that he's going to work but end up being dead in his concubine house? I am not understanding oooo
    21. I will surely morn him, wear those white and black dresses and give him his last respect but won't cry.
    but if na those culture wey dey cut mourning women hair as tradition rites then na there we go enter gbege because I won't allow that, instead they should go and cut the "Side Goat" hair. Rubbis
    23. He died in active service, so his legion will bury him.mourning kee you there
    24. Yes but with peppered chicken and palm wine for 1 week after which she will proceed to nkwobi
    25. Sadly u have to mourn cos he was ur husband. Regardless of d circumstances surrounding his death, u just have to
    depend on your definition of Mourning! He died in active service, let his employee cry and enjoy the reality, wife should 26. wait for burial date, be present, gather her kids and move on.
    27. No matter what transpired before the incident. Anyone once in your life,especially blood relations will be missed when they are no more for his or her bad/good deeds. There is always this vacuum created, you that he cheated on we feel the pain than the person he cheated with. Reason being that you've lived most of your life with him. It's easier said than done, when you hear women say they can't mourn him. Even if they act that way physically, they cry in their closet because of those memories where you both had good times together, no matter how small. I pray that you will not experience such in Jesus name. Amen
    28. Only faithful husband's are to be mourned after death, as for useless ones life goes on faster after they are dead.
    29. Nope. I think she should go to a bar,buy a bottle of stout and drink in celebration. How can you waste your time in the name of mourning a community pe**s?
    30. No matter how ugly the death situation of your spouse just endeavor to give them the last respect you can't keep fighting or keeping grudges with the dead
    31. Why should I mourn a stupid man. Am not the only wife let the other wife do the mourning,abii Na for my bed he die?? Abeg make the wife wey kill him mourn the whole that will be pounding the night of his burial. Mtchewwwwwww.
    32. Small story, ...I was little then. A man treated his wife horribly, abandoned her and children and lived life to the fullest with all those demonic distractions. I guess she must have prayed, cried, and then stopped. This man had money ooo but the wife no dey see am, na all those demonic distractions (pls if you're in this category don't bother disturbing me that's my grammatical name for the category) so back to our story, this man ooo got sick and it fell on the wife to dey carry am upandan, the man's brother invited them to Enugu to do proper medical tests et all. And UNKU TESTED AIDS POSITIVE NOT EVEN HIV. His wife bought hand glove for all the members of the brother's family, herself and her children, and even face mask join..... (biko I laughed ooo when I was small, in fact even now as an adult I laugh when I remember it) the man later died shaa, but I'm sure the fact that the wife restricted the children's entrance to their father's sick bed so they won't be infected and she give him food wearing hand gloves and face mask killed him faster than aids itself. As she gives him food, she'll be asking him, where are your girlfriends sir, see as you just dey stress me, ehn, anyway he died, I'm sure they buried him quietly.
    33. Okay to your question, why exactly am I mourning. We mourn people we love and people who loved us. When he started misbehaving I must have mourned him finish. No need to continue, e Don do.
    34. There is no Balm in Gilead........the daughters of Nigeria are grieving.many of them are stuck in marriages they shouldn't have entered into.
    Many of them are being treated as trash in their own homes.
    Many are battered ,beaten and living with STDs
    The scripture says the man should love irrespective of the behaviour of the woman*winks*
    Stay with the wife of your youth.....A stern instruction from the holy book....
    While the woman should submit.
    Many Naija men are running away from this divine directive, they prefare to seek sexual gratification in the arms of..*na them dey rush us girls*
    Therefore, if any man perish, in the course of violating this order....God accept his soul.
    However, the woman go move on na or maybe half mourn him
    Everyone muST carry his own.load
    New generation men are very carnal...
    35. Yes, mourn the good time you ever had, mourn his betraying you, mourn the future you dreamt of and never had, mourn and move on.