Hello Aunty Eya. Am a pregnant mom who got married in December last year. My pregnancy is still in it's first trimester and my friends married and unmarried already trying their best to give advice on what to eat. What to drink, what to wear, what to shop, where to shop not minding the pregnancy is still early and the list goes on and on. I can't start visiting hospitals now until I'm ready for antenatal clinics at the right time. My mums wants me to eat for two like even force feed myself so I can be energized, she keeps
saying that is the only way to avoid falling sick while pregnant and I think my weight is climbing up too fast. I believe there are experienced mums on wives connection who can help me please I need y'all advise on whether or not to lose weight/control baby weight while pregnant. Am I not supposed to eat for two?

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  1. Congratulations poster. I had to bring my reply to the comment area so it doesn't mix up with your mail. Me sha, I do not agree with that phrase o. Which two are you eating for? The baby cannot drink the okra soup you are eating, only takes the nutrients through you. As a pregnant woman, you only need to eat healthy, let your food be rich in nutrients and that's what matters. Also eat to your fill and do not starve yourself because you don't want to gain weight. You will surely gain some weight because you are carrying another human being with his placenta, amniotic fluid and all the load. You can eat less of carbohydrates and more of fruits, proteins and vegetables to help control the weight especially if you are already big before getting pregnant.

  2. Your friends should please not confuse your head and mum too shouldn't make you over feed. The baby doesn't need you to eat extra servings for him. Shopping for your baby should not even start until you are in your second trimester or till latest seven months. You are a mum already, do what you are comfortable with and you can always see a Doctor even before antenatal registration.
    A pregnant woman can control weight gain by being active not lying down the whole day and chewing white chalk (Nzu). By eating carefully without loading on junk and carbs. When you eat swallow fufu, please take more soup especially if it's vegetable soup. Eat less or smaller sized swallow and yam and dodo them. You'll be fine. I gained between 5 and 7kgs for every pregnancy I carried but lost all the weight after delivery. Safe delivery!


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