Reasons to advertise your business on blogs and Google

Blogs will never die! Ask me why? People, the whole world will forever keep searching Google for information. There is so much to learn on Google, all we need to know is on there. People search every millisecond for How to do this; how to do that. How to bathe newborn baby; How to dress for an evening wedding; Best schools in Lagos; Best Hot water flask in Nigeria; Boarding schools in Abuja; Best Universities in Africa; Reason to do this or that;  Benefits of losing weight; Meaning of  $$$;  Convert kg to pounds; How to cook good food; Symptoms of cancer; Teaching jobs in Nigeria; Employment opportunities in The United States; Job vacancies in Canada; Signs of menopause; Dress styles for men; Symptoms of pregnancy; Nigeria
News; China News; Names of Hollywood Stars; Barack Obama's age: How old is Omotola Jalade?; List of Nollywood celebrities; Benefits of taking paracetamol; How to treat acne; convert Naira to Dollar,  and so, so many searches happening daily. 
Whether we believe it or not, so long as humans continue searching Google for information, blogs will continue to live and grow. 

Business owners and all Entrepreneurs owe their business something... to show their goods and services to the right audiences. Everyone wants people to know about their products and to buy. Without sales, your business won't grow. If there are no conversion, that great business may not expand further. For any business to grow, it needs to meet the right audience, the right people who need it. For instance, you sell 'baby items' right? To grow your baby products business, you need to meet those who buy baby items. You need to advertise your baby products where those who need them can be found. You need to advertise on blogs that are read by people who are likely to buy baby items. Go find your buyers where they can be found.

Your business is 'sale of building materials' you don't go advertising on blogs read by teenagers.They are not the right audience for your business. Meet the age grade that's likely to 'shop building materials' by advertising on blogs read by that age group.

What about 'kitchen items' If you deal on 'kitchen items' and advertise your products on a dating site, you may not do as well as another seller of kitchen products who advertises on a blog read by families, reason being that families will need those kinds of goods more than people looking to date.

Let's talk car dealers. A car dealer who advertises his exotic cars on a beauty and make-up blog, do you think he'll be impressed by the conversion rates? He won't because, readers of make-up and beauty blogs may not be people who are looking to shop cars. 
Different audiences, different age groups read different blogs and it's very important to place adverts on the right platforms. Aside the Online world, if you go advertising your cars at a Secondary School Sports Competition, will you make as much sales if any at all as your business colleague who takes their Car advert to a Shopping Mall? Answer for yourself. That sums it all. 

Before placing adverts or sponsored posts, look at the audience... the people you think are the readers of that blog: Are they men, women, children, old people Etc. What you want to advertise, will it appeal more to men, women, children, old people ETc. Then you go to those blogs or websites that have the buyers your business needs. Advertising just anyhow won't help your business. If you take your advert to  the wrong platforms, meet the wrong people for it, you will spend all your money advertising without seeing results. 
If I sell books and 'back to School products', I'll rather place my adverts on an Educational blog or a blog read by people of child bearing age than on  a Retirement Community blog.

No business is too small  to be noticed and patronised. No business is too big either. Every business craves to be noticed the more. Even if you roast and sell groundnuts, advertising can make it grow from roadside groundnut selling to a Large Groundnut Company. So many business men and women have benefited from advertising on blogs, especially when they leave links and contacts on their adverts. There are business people who placed adverts on this Wives Connection blog in 2012/2013 when the blog just started and till today are still making sales, getting contacted by customers who just found their products Online while  Google searching. 

I got a call just last week from a customer, an advertiser, requesting that I delete her contact from her old advert because after five years of putting that moringa tea advert on this blog, she still gets contacted by customers who find the products on here. I agreed to do that for her, then she thanked me, testifying that placing her moringa products on the blog was a huge blessing as people From all over the world contacted her and she was shocked because she thought that this blog is read by just Nigerians. The reason she wants me to take off her contact is because according to her she is old, tells me she is a grandmother who doesn't want to keep working so hard at this  age. That she is gradually retiring  and producing less and less moringa tea now than she did five years back. I have since removed her contact from there anyway.

The benefits of advertising on blogs and websites are numerous, especially when you carefully show your business to the right people who need your goods or services. That moringa tea advert converted so well  because this blog is read by people who are likely to take moringa tea or women who may not take but buy for their husbands.  

Requesting that do-follow links be added to your advert is very important because those links grant Google and other search Engines the permission to crawl, index and show your ad to people searching Online for information. It is also important to place ads on blogs that can be found on Google searches as some are yet to be recognized and crawled by the giant search engine. For your ad to be found by people everywhere, it has to come up when people type to search Google. Even new blogs eventually get indexed and begin to show on searches. Help your business to grow further, not just for the interim but long term

To grow bigger, every business needs to be put out there. These days, everyone, old and young, men and women and even young ones are Online searching blogs and websites for information. Take your business to them, make them find or notice your small/big business. To place your advert on blogs and websites, all you need do is send email to the blog Admin, send the ads to them and see your business showing live on the blog. If you are interested in placing your business ads on this blog... Advertise Here.

Coming up... Blog OR Social Media advertising/ which pays more?


  1. Anonymous9/15/2018

    This is very true. Thank you poster I learnt something new from your blog.


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