Noodles served with stewed meats
 A serving of Noodles cooked in baked beans.
Noodles cooked with baked beans in tomato sauce is one meal you should try if you are a noodle eater. This is a very easy, low cost noodle recipe. Noodles cooked with baked beans in tomato sauce is like the best noodle you ever tasted. This can become addictive because of the taste. I didn't know that baked beans in tomato sauce will taste so good when paired with noodles. It took just 10 minutes to get this meal ready and served. Preparation took 5 minutes because of the vegetables. Cook time another 5 minutes and
my noodles with vegetables, in baked beans is ready. Well, the initial plan was to serve with boiled eggs but changed when I looked at the pot of stew beside me and saw that those eating rice will enjoy more if I do not take something from the pot, had to add some stewed cow tail to my Sunday Lunch noodles. 
This recipe came up while trying to figure out what to eat on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The usual Nigerian  Sunday rice was ready and after cooking and serving, I lost interest maybe because of the small small tasting while cooking. I thought of something different that would be ok for a yummy Sunday lunch. My kids suggested noodles but making the normal plain onion noodles will mean cheating myself after everyone sat to enjoy their Sunday Rice. I got a can of baked beans, imagined the taste in noodles, remembered that I once saw noodles served with a side of baked beans and it looked yummy to me. The cooking began and when it was done, even the rice eaters asked to join me. Very delicious.

Whoa! I think I can create up to a hundred recipes from noodles alone because everytime I look at a pack or carton of noodles, recipe ideas just pop everywhere in my head. If I post all the noodle recipes I try eh? you will think that I cook too much noodles for my family. Noodles give room for creative, easy, quick, nutritious recipes that taste really great. We all enjoyed this and thankfully, I used just one cup of the baked beans, the left over beans is waiting in the fridge to ber used today in another hot pot of noodles.


baked beans and chopped vegetables with packs of noodles

baked beans in a pot of noodles

A pot of cooked noodles

Indomi noodles serving

2 small packs noodles
3 small red onion
2 fresh peppers (ata rodo)
1 small sized green pepper
1 carrot
1 cup baked beans
3 cups of water

  1. Add all the washed and chopped vegetables in the pot of boiling water.
  2. Add the seasoning with chilli, add the noodles and stir. Cover the pot and leave to cook for 3 minutes.
  3. Check and see if you need to add water to prevent burning. Leave for another two minutes ans turn off the heat.
  4. Immediately pour in the baked beans in tomato sauce, stir and serve hot with your choice of protein.
  5. Enjoy!