cooked groundnuts with shell in microwave

I have never thought about cooking groundnuts (peanuts) in a microwave until today. It just happened because there was no free space for me on the stove.  It took just three minutes to make this boiled groundnuts with shell in a microwave. We can boil groundnuts salted or unsalted. Buying raw groundnuts with shell is so affordable, they are in season now. I bought a whole mudu of about six cups from the Monday market for just a hundred Naira and when I got home, all the burners were being used by my girls. Had to resort to cooking the peanuts in a microwave and in three minutes they were cooked and crunchy the way I like my boiled groundnuts. If you
prefer the soft boiled groundnuts, then you microwave for about five minutes and enjoy your well cooked peanuts.
All you need is a microwave-safe bowl, some salt, water and a microwave. If you check and it's still too crunchy for you, push back into the microwave and cook for a minute or two more. (Shop microwave).

Salted boiled groundnuts.

Groundnuts in the microwave

Cooked groundnuts out of the microwave.

1. Wash the raw groundnuts with plenty of water to remove sand and dirt.
2. Put in the microwave-safe bowl (ceramics will be best)
3. Cover and Place in the microwave for three minutes.
4. Check by eating one or more peanuts. Satisfied?
4. Bring out of microwave and drain.


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