A worried Nigerian wife shared the post below on Social Media, asking other wives what step she can take to save her marriage and to sort out Mother-In-Law issues..

It all started after my traditional marriage... 2013..
My mil took me to our base (my husband left me the next day because of his work) Lagos I.e one week after my traditional Marriage..with the hope she will go back to the village after taking me to Lagos..
Then we were living in self contained apartment with my hubby...MIL sleeps with us in the same room..instead of her to give us some privacy.. She refused to go...I wasn't angry then .
I took in for my first child...meeting to nine months my husband rented a new apartment I.e one bedroom flat she packed in with us....
She always find fault in whatsoever I do...she controls my hubby...she dictates what we will cook in the house..
I don't enjoy my marriage at all..
I and my husband dont discuss like husband and wife..whenever we discuss she will say we are gossiping about her...despite all that I always keep calm and always behave as if I don't have sense..
Now it happened that my hubby stopped working...He rented a shop where he is selling provisions...(mil has where she was selling ) she packed her things and started staying in the shop with my husband... She takes charge of everything both the shop and house..
I'm like a house maid to them..

She goes to market always to shop food stuff..
Gives orders in my house..
I don't discuss with my hubby both of them will be at the parlor discussing.
since 2013 till now She has refused to go..I have two kids for them.pls what will I do?NO privacy... She controls my many things too numerous to write...