Nigerian Black soup
A serving of black soup with shrimps, snails, cow skin and other meats.
Black soup is a delicacy of South South Nigeria, particularly Edo State. I have been planning to try this soup out but changed my mind every time I started. 
fear prevented me from making a large pot of soup. This is my first time ever cooking black soup and I was scared it might not turn out great, worried I might not like it. I had to divide the stock in two. From the pictures, when I started making the soup base, I used a large pot but started developing cold feet while boiling stock and almost changed to afang soup but something just said "Divide the
stock in two and keep half just incase' I kept the second half in a different pot waiting to swap immediately if this turns out not too good. After cooking the small quantity and barely getting soup myself, I wish I just went ahead and ignored the fear sef.

My first black soup is delish. I am happy that my girl even thought it's afang soup, even with the tiny effiring (scent leaf) aroma like pepper soup in there, she couldn't tell the difference. I'll try it again,. The

soup is good and nutritious. The stock I set aside is waiting to be used another day. I'm going to keep it in the freezer for another small pot of soup.
 Boiling the meats.

Adding my frozen snails.

The three vegetables I used.

Meats are tender.

Added palm oil and then crayfish.

Blended vegetables.

Adding dry shrimps.

Boil very well before stirring.

Black soup is cooked.


1 kg goat meat, you can use beef
1 kg large snails
1kg cow skin (kpomo)
1 wrap stock fish
1 small sized onion
Seasoning cubes to taste
Salt to  taste
1/2 cup palm oil
1 cup dried shrimps
2 teaspoons yaji (dried ground pepper) to your tolerance level
1/2 cup ground crayfish
1 cup blended hot leaf (Uziza)
1 cup blended squeezed bitterleaf
1/2 cup scent leaves (effirin)

Before you cook this beautiful Nigerian black soup. First, wash and blend the vegetables. A small bunch of each should do. The one you love among the three vegetables should be a bit more in quantity than the other two. I love uziza, so added a bit more uziza leaves. I do not like bitter, so my bitter leaves were squeezed and washed until I could taste them sweet before blending. Wash the meats and set aside.

  1. Wash and steam the meats with stockfish, pepper, onion, seasoning cube and salt. Let it boil before you add the kpomo if they are not very soft ones, else wait a bit more. Cook meats till a bit tender.
  2. Add the snails, check for salt, stir and cover to cook for about 5 minutes till they harden.
  3. Add palm oil and cover the pot to boil until it mixes well with the stock.
  4. Add the crayfish and stir well, add more salt and seasoning cube if need be. 
  5. 5. TAKE OUT SOME STOCK AND SET ASIDE before adding the vegetables, if soup gets too thick after adding the blended vegetables, you can add the stock back to desired consistency. 
  6. Now, Add the blended vegetables and washed dry shrimps at the same time. Do not stir yet, just cover and let them boil very well.
  7.  Stir, check for taste and doneness. Soup is ready. Serve with any fufu swallow of choice. I served with hot Eba.
  8. Enjoy!