There are lots of weekend breakfast worthy foods one can enjoy on Saturday but in most Nigerian cities and in my family, akara and pap has carried first position. I used to wonder why in my family we take pap and akara like most Saturday mornings of every year. We go jogging with some coins hidden in the trouser pocket just in case the akara woman is there. The process of Jogging or walking back home is completed with  a small bag in one hand, open that bag and the only thing you see inside is akara and raw akamu. The queue for akara in some Nigerian towns  on Saturdays make you
want to taste some and also wonder if all Nigerian family serves akara and ogi on weekends.

Some Saturdays I don't go jogging in the morning, so I make the delicious homemade akara balls. Sometimes, even when we are home, we want to be free of cooking on a lazy Saturday morning and just want a taste of the roadside peppered akara balls.

While thinking of what else to serve on one Saturday Morning, we all started sharing Saturday breakfast ideas and my kids were like, "Mummy don't even bother yourself because even our friends at school tell us that their moms also serve akara and pap for Saturday breakfast"  How it started I don't know but the love for akara and pap or akara and custard on Saturdays is overwhelming. If you drive along some streets in major Nigerian cities and see young children or women holding dangling bags early on Saturday morning? they just visited the roadside akara seller. Homemade akara balls used to be difficult to make but not anymore. The roadside sellers never shared their recipes until the Internet came and we can just google...HOW TO MAKE AKARA and voila, the recipes stare you in the face in their hundreds. 

Removing beans skin has become so easy now with the help of Food blender and food processors, no more hitting with mortar and pestle or manual grater or manual grinder. Women no longer go to the mills to get the beans grinded, the kitchen blender to the rescue! I have posted many homemade akara balls recipes here on this blog and the hits they receive on Fridays and Saturdays ehn? no be small thing.

Aside pap and akara for Saturday breakfast, we have compiled a list of other delicacies that can be comfortably served for your lazy Weekend breakfast.


  1. Moin moin and pap
  2. French toast with Nigerian tea (Hot chocolate drink)
  3. Puff puff with Nigerian Tea
  4. Bread with scrambled eggs
  5. Boiled yam with egg sauce
  6. Boiled plantain with egg sauce and scent leaves
  7. Fried yam with fish sauce or egg sauce 
  8. Fried yam with pepper sauce, stew and sausages
  9. Spider yam with baked beans
  10. Fruits
  11. Vegetable breakfast
  12. Water only
  13. Cereals like cornflakes, golden morn, fruit and fiber, rice crispies (creespees), or quaker oats with milk
  14. Dodo gizzard (Gizdodo
  15. Nigerian stuffed Pancakes
  16. Toast bread with grilled or fried sausages and baked beans
  17. Dodo with egg sauce
  18. Dodo with baked beans and scrambled eggs
  19. Unripe or fairly ripe Plantain porridge
  20. Club Sandwich
  21. Toast with baked beans
  22. Bread and Nigerian Tea with boiled eggs
  23. Sardine Toast with Tea
  24. Boiled egg sandwich with tea
  25. Bread and tomato stew
  26. Custard with moin moin
  27. Wheat pap with akara balls
  28. Rice pap with akara balls
  29. Millet, maize, guinea corn, rice or wheat pap with bread
  30. Nigerian tea with egg roll
    Bread rolls with Nigeria Tea

TIP: How to make Nigerian tea: 

In a tea mug, add 2 scoops of powdered milk, 1 scoop of milo, bournvita, ovaltine or any cocoa powder, add 1 or more teaspoons of sugar. Finally pour in some hot water and stir. Enjoy hot with some bread.
Do you know of other foods we can serve for weekend breakfast? Please share below in the comment box.


  1. Teniola8/28/2018

    Boiled yam and fish sauce.

  2. Scrambled eggs alone with tea.


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