Cooking rice with MSG.
White maggie as some Nigerians call MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) seasoning is a form of seasoning that used to be popular in the past before negative reviews started from what source oh? No one knows.  In Nigeria, we still have a few brands being sold in the market; The Ajino moto, Vedan and others. Many Nigerians won't touch any food cooked with MSG as seasoning ingredient (Even me, before now). Not only Nigerians, a lot of people all over the world won't eat white maggie because of all the stories we have heard about this white ingredient that fortunately or fortunately is part of the ingredients used in making our seasoning cubes. Some people complaining of nausea after consuming MSG (Why won't you feel nauseous when you empty a whole small pack into a small pot of stew; Some complain of experiencing adverse effects after eating food cooked with white maggie.  others
complain of  experiencing headaches after eating MSG.

This Chinese syndrome, is it real? Is it a myth?
Well according to Healthline, 
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is the sodium salt of glutamate, an amino acid found in the human body and all sorts of foods. It is a popular food additive because it enhances the flavor of foods.
The fear of MSG actually started in 1969 because of an experiment with mice See all that at Healthline 

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Do you know there are no studies to support the claim that MSG is dangerous to health? None! Well, if you say that you do not consume MSG and yet enjoy some Chinese food, then you have eaten loads of that ingredient that is the secret of good stews and rice delicacies

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