Elo Ogidi
Pretty 4 year old baby girl found after about two months.
From Lagos to Benin to The Orphanage and back to family in Lagos. Thank you Almighty God for answered prayer. You have worked for them and us while we held our peace Oh God. How you maneuvered this car, how you reversed, how you made the U-turn, how you led them to that orphanage, we do not know but we know that our desire has been granted. You will never allow your name to be
shamed because you are the Greatest, The All-knowing, The All-powerful, The Almighty.

Dropping and abandoning Elo Ogidi in an orphanage could not have been the enemy's initial plan.

It was meant to be much more but you turned their plans to foolishness, you made them uneasy, you made them regret perhaps. You made her too hot for them to handle and restored her finally to family. The beautiful, long, shiny hair they shaved off her head, the pretty, sweet, smooth, fresh skin they changed to rash because of neglect, the pain she has experienced in these two months with her captors, all that  is nothing now compared to the joy of Losing and  Finding, the joy of a reunion. Thank you for keeping her safe, thank you for leading her sweet family to her again. Thank you for saving this little angel from the power of darkness and evil, thank you for your Mercy and Grace. Thank you for Good News.Thank you for this very Divine Help. 

Her parents learnt about her stay  at an orphanage just yesterday, spoke with her through video calling and promised to meet her today. Yes! Today they updated on Social Media that she is back home with them. Thank you.

The Faith that her parents exhibited within these two months of their daughter's disappearance is an inspiration to us all. We visited her mom and dad's Instagram pages a few times and there was no post lamenting or crying, there was no post blaming anyone, they didn't even blame the househelp for leaving the kids alone to go get cake. They didn't blame the children Sunday School Teachers nor mention anyone as a suspect, neither did they act negatively. Weren't despaired at anytime. They may have tried their physical best in ways we do not know but they held fast in Thanksgiving for a child that was yet to be found. They held Thanksgiving Sessions at their home, Worship and Prayer Sessions, invited other families to join them in Thanksgiving for her safe return. We watched the videos and as humans and parents, our tender hearts broke to pieces when we saw her mom @ritasoulofficial dancing with all her heart, dancing like one who knows someone bigger is in charge of her daughter's case. Her dad too @a4jeazy, danced his heart out. They were not seen breaking down at any point and that alone has revealed a lot about the kind of believers that these lovely people are. When we saw their Faith, ours got strengthened too, had to also post on Instagram. Thank you Almighty God for your help. We can clearly see your hand in this story. How things unfolded is a miracle.

The Saviour never panicked at anytime in his Lifetime... When there was no food to feed The Five Thousand men and women, he didn't panic, instead lifted up the five loaves of bread and two fishes available, and he gave Thanks. When he heard his friend Lazarus had died and must be rotting away already, he didn't panic, he lifted up his eyes to The Most High... When the storm raged at them at sea, he didn't panic, he just felt relaxed knowing that someone is watching over them. And, this family, The Ogidi Family, they never panicked, they gave thanks instead and that swung you dear Father into action.

Thank you for this Miracle of Elo Ogidi's return and reunion with her family. To you we give thanks Oh Almighty Father. Thank you for everything and for restoring Joy to them. May you continue to protect them, their kids and every little child that you have blessed this world with. May you continue to be with and help everyone  as we pray with Thanksgiving. Amen!


  1. Anonymous8/25/2018

    Amen. God be praised forever. the news of this little girl's story brought tears of joy to my eyes. All's well that ends well.

    1. Yes dear. Really really happy it ended this beautiful way.


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