When you feel sad for a long period of time,  you fall deep into that pit of sadness that seem unending. You feel so tired and uninterested in activities and things that used to be fun. Depression is a mental disorder that can be helped if you recognize it fast and visit a hospital. There are medications (drugs) for depression and taking them doesn't mean that you are a mad woman. It means that you recognize that just as the eyes and other body parts fall sick and get treated, mentally too, we can break down and fall sick and will need some medications to help just the way we need paracetamol for body aches and pains.

Depression, if left untreated, unattended to. If ignored may not necessarily kill you or someone but can lead you
to doing things that may end your precious life or the life of a dear one. See ehn, most times, the depressed might not know that she is sick and needs help. You may just be unhappy and fatigued for a long time about certain things happening in your life like a loveless marriage, recurring hard luck, failure, loss, disappointment, a stingy rich husband, stubborn children, uncaring family, stagnation at work, embarrassing illness,  feeling trapped and unappreciated in your relationships, feeling unsuccessful and maybe just unending bitterness you don't know why.

With those issues bothering and weighing heavily on you, you slowly become detached from the world around you, lose interest in fun activities and even the other room. You may even lose interest in being around people and just want to be alone, lost in deep thoughts all the time. You may even begin to enjoy thinking too much as if that brings relief but na lie. It doesn't, it only helps you sink deeper in the swallowing mud of depression.

In some third world countries like even Nigeria, it's hard to find professional counsellors and so people most times depend on advise and prayer by our spiritual leaders and their spouses. If they make mistakes while giving advise, you go down. If they are good at it, you get better. There are a few things you can do to help yourself when you feel that prolonged sadness in you. Visit a hospital, ask to see a Doctor and speak privately with your Doctor. If he diagnoses depression, you'll get a prescription in the privacy of the Doctor's office.  If it's not depression, you have nothing to lose.

Wives and moms, please try your best to show yourself some love too. We bear the burden of husband and kids and family and tend to forget and ignore personal needs. See recent happenings? Wives taking in so much and pretending all is well until they get to breaking point of no return and next is Breaking News of a spouse's life being taken in cold blood. There is only so much that a wife can take before she snaps, or breaks under pressure. These wives who fall into those bad temptations that lead to Life Imprisonment and hell sometimes are not in their right senses when they act. They leave so much in their minds, they keep quiet to avoid trouble, they try to manage things just to keep the marriage in one piece and then... there's a limit to what anyone can take. The load becomes too heavy to bear and then the unthinkable happens just like lightening, in a flash, something bad has happened that will change everything around you forever and ever. Change your good name to something you never dreamed of.

When you persistently feel unhappy, go see a Doctor and talk freely ok?
The World Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, in his bestselling book "Gifted Hands" wrote on how his mom who raised them as a single mother of stubborn teenage boys,  used to disappear sometimes when she doesn't feel good, check herself into a hospital and just stay there until she feels better. This singular act went a long way in helping the young mom cope after her husband abandoned her with the boys and moved on with another woman. Taking a break sometimes and trending to YOU is very important in this busy race of life.

1. Listen to good music
2. Play games like Candy crush but void difficult levels.
3. Stay around a loved one
4. Watch good movies
5. Dance to music
6.Read an uplifting novel. Maya Angelou's books make me feel good.
7. Go shopping
8. Travel or spend days somewhere else
9. Eat good food
10. Exercise
11. Get Enough sleep
12. Prayer
13. Read a holy book of your religion
14. Ice cream
15. Chocolate
16. Eat suya if you live in Nigeria
17. Wine
18. Engage in 'The other room' activity
19. Watch Comedy Shows
20. Visit comedy pages like Maraji and Rant Hq on Social Media
21. Worship
22. Cry and feel some relief in your chest
23. Painting
24. Take a walk
25. Get a massage
26. Sewing
27. Baking
28. Watch Comedy movies like this Indian movie "THE THREE IDIOTS" and laugh freely
29. Go swimming
30. Dress well and go have a little photoshoot