How to cook Nigerian white soup with chicken
A Serving of chicken white soup.
Chicken white soup and fresh fish white soup are the easiest to cook of all Nigerian white soup varieties because they both taste really good without the addition of all other proteinous ingredients like crayfish, fish, stockfish Etc. The chicken alone in there is enough to give you a delicious pot of soup. Even a learner in the kitchen can cook Nigerian chicken white soup. We have a goat meat white soup recipe posted on the blog already and that too
tastes really really good. Do you know you can also make egusi balls in white soup? If you like to add crayfish, dried fish and even stock fish, you are free to do so but this time, I want to enjoy the rich chicken aroma in the soup so I won't be adding too much.
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To cook good chicken white soup, use native chicken because frozen chicken or broilers cook too quickly and may start disintegrating before your soup is cooked. Another thing is the fat. Broilers or agric fowl will add so much oil (fat) in your soup that you won't like it. Then again, the taste is not the same. The difference is in the taste!
The colour of chicken white soup cannot be as white as fresh fish white soup because of those chicken parts like gizzard, kidney, heart, liver Etc.

If you cannot find native chicken, use layers, they take longer to cook, their meat is tougher than broilers or cocks.

If all you have is frozen soft chicken, then steam first without water and scoop out the fat before cooking your soup in high speed to prevent over cooking the chicken.

Before you cook this white soup, peel and boil 3 to 4 small pieces of yam or cocoyam, pound till sticky and set aside. wash and chop the leaves and set aside. Pound the pepper, wash the chicken with all its entrails in clean water. If you like dadawa in your white soup, you can add a little. If you like to add palm oil which is optional, just drop a teaspoon or two so your soup doesn't change colour but I'll advise you cook this one without palm oil.


1 local/Native chicken
1 wrap pounded yam or pounded cocoyam
a handful uziza leaves. If you can't find the leaves or seeds, use 1/2 teaspoon thyme leaves.
Ground Fresh pepper to desired taste.
2 seasoning cubes
salt to taste
1 small sized onion to boil chicken
water, the level of the chicken in the pot or less.
Nothing more...


1.After boiling your chicken with salt, pepper, one seasoning cube and the small onion, when it's almost cooked, you can add your remaining ingredients, adjust water level if you want and crush in the pounded yam or cocoyam, stir very well to begin thickening.
2. And..... finally. The uziza leaves go in just before you turn off the heat. 
Enjoy your chicken soup with pounded yam, semo, wheat, or any fufu of choice.
This tasty soup qualifies as low income soup oh, because, aside the chicken, you don't spend on any other ingredients.


1. Be careful with pepper because uziza kind of makes pepper hotter in soups.
2. The more the pounded yam or cocoyam dropped in the pot, the thicker your soup.

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