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Hmmm! Ignorance is a bad bad bad! There is an urgent need to post this because of the way that some Nigerian women still feel bad about Cesarean Delivery in 2018. Many Nigerian women, especially in some cultures, would rather suffer prolonged delivery, sweating and yelling in the labour room, shit and pee in pain than accept Delivery by Cesarean. Some look down on those who give birth by this method and others are too shy to admit it when they do. Thinking other women will see them as weak, they keep it to themselves. Words like 'Natural Birth' are used to describe delivery whereby a baby is pushed out through the birth canal, as if CS is unnatural birth. Shuo! Delivering your baby through Cesarean or
Epidural does not mean that you are weaker than women who deliver vaginally, it means that you know the different options available to you, you are enlightened and know what is best for your body. Giving birth through CS is not laziness at all. CS is not pain free oh. The pain that comes after delivery and healing of the cut is not easy. 
Some women reject CS because of the cost involved, others fear because of stories we hear about Doctors forgetting theater instruments like scissors, cotton wool and other stuff in their patients after the CS, but honestly, if these stories are true, then maybe that happened long long ago because, these days, a whole Team of Doctors and Nurses is present in the Theater room during these Surgical Operations.

Every Nigerian woman wants to give birth like 'The Hebrew Women', not that it's bad to quickly squirt out the newborn o, sometimes there are complications and these are not our fault. Sometimes it's the age of the pregnant woman. Every woman's body is different, every pregnancy is different and every baby is different. The discovery of CS should be seen as a miracle from God. So many lives have been saved through Cesarean hospitals. Sometimes, even the best hospitals, the best Midwives and Doctors are left with no better option than a Cesarean Section and it's neither their fault nor ours. Delivery by CS doesn't mean that God has forsaken you, it means that God is so loving such that he provided other options just in case the birth canal malfunctions or the baby refuses to lie head down and all that. God has given other methods to save you from labour room mortality just in case.

'Supernatural Childbirth' is a book authored by a woman who narrates to the world how she had her babies with little or no pain and it actually works for some but not every woman. I repeat, it works for some, not every woman. I repeat again, it works for some not everyone o. Some women naturally have tight cervixes, tight everything and all. God is still God whether by CS or not. Do not be carried away please. A
side the reading of this book and prayer and fasting, there are women who naturally give birth with no pain because their bodies are wired that way, their body structure is different from mine or yours, their height, bone size and density, Their babies are always small in size, space in the womb, physical strength and vigour, pregnancy symptoms... Everything is different and whether these women pray or not, whether they fast or not, whether they use olive anointing oil or not, whether they believe in God or deity, whether they believe in Jesus or not, their delivery is as easy as ABC. 

Do not ever think that Atheists or non-tithe-payers, or people of other religions all have complications during delivery, or that people who do not pray as the Hebrew women all have complications during delivery. The sun shines and provides light and warmth for everyone under the heavens, so does the rain fall and provide water for every creation. 

There are stories of how my own grandmother used to give birth even before her bag is packed, it was as quick as that. at the first sign of labour, her baby pops head out the window, ready to wave at everyone, lol. It comes suddenly and the minute that happens, she can no longer move a step as the baby comes there and then. If she lived in this era, maybe the hospitals would have been putting her on admission the moment she approaches the ninth month of pregnancy. If she goes to the village market and labour signs begin there, the baby will be delivered right there as she is never given up to a moment so she can rush home or get to a hospital. I have an Aunt that was born by the riverside because grandma walked there to cool her body on a hot afternoon and as soon as the first contraction came, my Aunt's head was already peeping outside rushing to relocate to this world. Thankfully, some other women were there and that's how delivery took place like magic. The baby was wrapped up in bath towels, taken home and people won't believe her delivery story. Even in the days of our Forefathers, there existed women who enjoyed very quick deliveries and those who endured prolonged labour. Fortunately, these days, prolonged labour can be avoided and we should be grateful for that and not reject something that has come to make life easier, sweeter and better. Are we not happy that there are fewer cases of maternal mortality than it used to be? 

Pregnant women of yesteryears used to live in so much fear and the fear increases as expected delivery date (EDD) draws near. Some even got admitted to hospital beds because of how these fears lead to complications like High blood pressure and many never made it through. Pregnancy is sweeter now as healthcare is much much better and there are options to help women enjoy the delivery process. In some cultures in The Western world, women have a choice to pick what they want from:
1. Epidural Painless Delivery
2. Cesarean Section
3. Puh me I push you
And you know what? many go for number 1 and, will you say that because they used painkillers to escape the agonising pain of labour room they didn't give birth naturally or they are not women? If you like to suffer head yourself, well, continue but know that times have really really changed and we either run along with positive change or we are left behind in darkness and a thick jungle.

While vaginal delivery works for some women, alternative delivery methods are great for others and should be received with joy and gratitude. Do not let ignorance kill you and turn your kids to motherless babies. Open your eyes to change and this modern world of great Scientific, Medical and Technological breakthroughs. Many have lost their lives through delivery and whether we like it or not, Cesarean Section saves lives. 
A. CS saves that energy you would have used in pushing a big baby. it saves from complications with breech babies, it saves from Episiotomy for first time moms.
B. It leaves your vee jay jay tight and rubbery and not shattered with tears and cuts. 
C. Your significant other continues to enjoy jollof rice from the tight bottle neck dish even after third, fourth, fifth or sixth or seventh baby sef. 
D. Those with fibroids can enjoy the benefits of killing two birds with one stone as the fibroid is taken off immediately after the baby without needing another surgery to remove fibroids. 
E. Families who do not want any more babies are helped as Doctors can fix things up right there and block you from getting pregnant again.
Forget what Mother-In-Law will say, or what other people will think, if you lose your life, you are on your own. Do not die because your religion frowns at CS. The Hebrew women didn't have these options available today, if they had, maybe God would have allowed them make choices because he never forces people, he is never a taskmaster. Whether by CS or vaginally, the most important thing is the life of your unborn child and yours. Many women who suffer stillbirths have been saved by the option of CS and they have carried their beautiful live babies regretting avoidable stillbirths they suffered before receiving sense.
Every delivery method is wonderful, none is better than the other. Every method that puts your sweet new baby in your arms alive, is a great method.


  1. Teniola8/26/2018

    Thank you dear poster. Nice article.

  2. Anonymous8/26/2018

    I have learnt that something new today. Thank you.

  3. Melinda Summers8/26/2018

    Let me just offer another side. If you need a c-section for goodness sake get one. However, my doctor scheduled me to have one because my baby’s head was “too big”so she said. This was told to me at about 6 weeks after she told me i would rip and it would just be easier this way. She clipped an artery delivering my child, let me bleed out and did not give me a blood transfusion. She never told me, i only discovered it after I requested my records from the hospital. She sent me home so anemic my body started shutting down. My primary care physician had to step in and take over my care to save me. This is a very needed procedure for many women but the doctors hand them out in the states like candy. They are faster and more profitable. So just be careful.

    1. So sorry about what happened to you Mrs Summers. And to think that over here we feel like Doctors in the United States make no such mistakes. Cuttingq an artery? I'm thanking God for saving your life because you could have bled to death honestly. Sending you home with no transfusion and no knowledge of the accident that happened during the process? I feel sad already but consoled by the fact that you and your lovely cute head baby made it. Congratulations on your recovery.

  4. Anonymous8/30/2018

    Nice read.

    Please post more on pregnancy and delivery.


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