Many Nigerian celebrities including Uti Nwachukwu, Stella Damasus, Hushpuppi, Yemi Alade and others have lend their voices to condemning the rate at which some Nigerian Youths have taken to Social Media for begging. These celebrities live here in Nigeria and after all their rants, maybe some felt Nigerians living in Nigeria are stingy and so they drive their 'begging trucks' to the Abroad by way of Social Media.Witty talented writer C.N. D posted this on Social media to express herself to friends who have the habit of begging from Nigerians in diaspora. 

Life over there is full of opportunities
yes! but they do not pack monies from the streets neither do they pluck gold silver and diamonds from trees. Life is hard, some work two to three jobs to
survive. Because of the exchange rates, when they visit Nigeria, they can spend freely. Imagine changing just $100 for over Thirty THOUSAND Nigerian Naira. So, they try their best to live up to expectation and quickly return back to work, real work! The Economy has turned many Good Nigerian Youths into Social Media beggars and maybe some beg because they do not know that life is hard for everyone, even those in the abroad. 
Below is how she explains things so that those who have ears can hear.

Dear Person who harasses me inbox daily asking for financial assistance, i feel so bad for you 'chile'.
I truly wish i had enough to give but trust me, because i am in 'the abroad'does not mean my akkant is overflowing.

Let me explain one or 2 things to you, at least from my own perspective.

I earn a salary.
That salary ehn, almost half goes to Federal taxes, State Taxes, Retirement, Medicare & Disability. I have no say in that. The government take their money jejely from the source.

Then Health, Dental & Vision Insurance premiums are also deducted. Again, i have no say. If i refuse to enrol in health Insurance, i shall owe the IRS at the end of the year and they will not rest till they recover their money. Did you hear me? Yes. I shall be penalised & owe the Internal Revenue Service if i refuse to enroll in health Insurance. My own health o. Chai.

Now from whatever 'tachere' is left, Mortgage has to be paid, the light bill, gas bill, other utilities like water, garbage, waste water/sewer, then Homeowners levy, Car Insurance, phone and credit card bills...if any.

If these necessities are not paid for, you are screwed. Noone cares if you have money or not. Just pay. If not, you can lose everything. You need to see the number of homeless people in this abroad. Odiegwu.

Then pray your car or home needs no repairs. Pray you do not fall sick because you will still pay your 'co-pay' even with the monthly Insurance paid.

You heave a huge sigh of relief after sorting the bills above.
Then you think of lil luxuries like wifi, cable/satellite TV, Netflix, Hulu. You deserve it abi? Afterall you work your ass off.

You still have food to buy and gas for your vehicle if you drive to work. If you do not drive, you will have to buy your bus pass. These also cost money.

School fees for the kids nko?
Plus daycare fees. Daycare fees is not moi-moi. No be beans.

Then you have to send 'feeding and upkeep allowances' to your family if they are back home.
Your heart sinks when you see a phone call from a relative because you know that call is not just a courtesy call.

For some of us, we have to work overtime ie work extra hours to make extra funds so that you can have something to send home or to people in need.

So believe me when i tell you that i am not packing money from the streets. I just live within my means and cut my coat according to my size and cloth.

When i go to a store, i go straight to the clearance rack first. I love to look good but not at the expense of more important things. I wait for things i really want to go on sale.

So i am not ashamed to admit that i cannot afford a lot of things but i am content with what i have. It is difficult to save because i am left with almost nothing at the end of all this. Pay raises do not come monthly.
I wish they did.
But i remain happy & content.

So as you can see, i do have tons of responsibilities and not helping you does not mean i am stingy.
I just cannot afford to.
I would love to & one day, i shall.
The spirit is very willing.

So please give it a rest o.
Since all lizards lay on their stomachs, it is difficult to know the one that has stomach ache.

If you know, you know.
By Witty Writer