Nigerian beans and yam pottage.

Nigerian Beans and yam pottage (porridge) can be cooked with any type of beans you chose.  I grew up eating just brown beans and
black eyed peas. Not long ago, I took time to search the nutritional benefits of eating red beans. The richness of that red colour made me feel like there has to be a nutrient in that colour that might be lacking in other coloured beans. So, I searched and convinced myself that red beans are actually very rich. You can read the red beans and rice post where I wrote about some of the benefits. Ever since that discovery, I have served my family with more and more red beans dishes. Yes they take longer to cook but I don't mind at all. With a pressure cooker, that cook time is drastically reduced and gas is saved. Below is my recipe for delicious Red beans and yam pottage.
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2 cups red beans
1 small tuber yam
1 medium sized onion to boil with beans
1 small onion to stir fry
2 medium sized dried catfish or Titus (Mackerel) I used dried fish this time.
3 tablespoons palm oil or more if you like oil.
1 tablespoon ground fresh pepper
2 seasoning cubes
Salt to taste

Before you cook beans, pick out tiny stones and dirt. Wash in clean water.
Cut the yam in circles, peel and dice into smaller pieces (cubes), wash and set aside.
Debone and wash the dried fish, discard the head. If it's frozen fish, just cut and wash, remove entrails and discard the head too.
Get the pepper ground or chopped and then stir-fry the pepper, onion, fish and 1 seasoning cube with the palm oil and set aside.

 Nigerian pottage cooked soft and delicious.

Beans and yam porridge.
1. Pressure cook the beans with just onion for two hours or till bens is cooked and soft.
2. You can now transfer the soft beans to another pot and add the washed yam pieces. You can add some water if pot is getting dry. Add the stir fried ingredients, stir and cover to boil for about 5 minutes but be checking and gently stirring so pot doesn't begin to burn at the bottom..
3. Add the remaining seasoning cube, a pinch of salt and check for taste. If more salt is needed, you can add. By now the aroma has filled your kitchen already. Leave to boil till yam is cooked through and soft. Check the boiling pot and stir frequently to thicken and prevn burning.
4. When yam is soft and as thick as you want your pottage, turn off the heat and serve.
5. Enjoy your Nigerian red beans and yam porridge and forget hunger for the day because it's filling.
Happy Cooking!