A happily married Nigerian woman narrates on Social media, what
led to the end of her relationship with a would have been husband and how she found the love of her life. Then she dishes some pieces of advice for single ladies looking to meet Prince Charming.
Read her story below...
One of my ex, was a medical doctor in then, general hospital, in Aba.... Now teaching hospital.
He was so temperamental, and I was a restless lady, working to feed my siblings.
Our relationship ended the day he slapped me b4 a fast food joint, and entertained the okada guys, and I retaliated when I calmly sat down with him, when he ordered for food, by pouring the food, on his head. Sauce, rice, kept the turkey, on his head, and left. He was transfixed, also, were other customers that were watching my actions. I walked out with my head high, leaving him behind, with his mouth, open.

Why was his mouth open ?
From the beginning of the three months old relationship, it was toxic. He is this kind of Igbo guy, that has this mentality that you can flog your woman, and will still dine with her.

There was a day I saw a fine, green shirt, at Kent market, and came home with it, with excitement. I never knew that he hates any shade of green. I presented it to him with smiles, holding my face up with excitement, as someone who bought gift for her man. He took it from me, looked at it, and tossed it on the floor. I went and picked the shirt, downcasted. Rested on the arm of his chair, with smiles, and asked him if he doesn't like the shirt. Yes or no, would have saved me and my shirt. Rather, he pushed me away from him, and I landed on the floor, with the shirt again. The first picture that came to my head, was one of those blows that my mum and dad, exchanges b4 me, while I cry to stop them,when I was 3,4 yrs old . After that push, he asked me to go and polish his shoes, that he will be on call, in one hr time.

I got up, dusted myself, and saw it that he is not a man. I was already planning my exit, from the relationship, b4 he landed that slap on me, another day, in the view of the public, and that was that. Over that, when he asked us to dine out, I would have insisted on cooking, instead of agreeing to dine out with him... That it shows that I am not marriageable. For me to tell him that I needed to dine out with him, cos am so hungry, after work, the slap landed. That I should not talk when he is talking. He asked me to go inside and sit for the food, "idiot". And I idiotically, went in with him, waited for the food to be served, and I poured it on him.

I was a young lady, ripe for marriage. I saw the red flag, would have chosen to marry him anyway, after seeing all these signs. And, I might have been one of the first batch of women, that would have been killed by their husbands, in domestic violence, or, he would have been the first roll of men, his wife Would have decapitated his head from his body, . The later is certain. And people will come for my head, not knowing that I have been the man's victim, for a long time. I avoided all these tragidic stories, and quitted the relationship with honors. He is still alive, and I am the one, typing.

Another relationship, with a ghananian, who slapped my face in his car, and advised me to be a good girl. I, in turn, slapped, kicked, and punched the hell out him, and left his head, blaring the horn, advised him to be a good boy too. That was the end of the relationship. I walked out, and knew that we will not last together... Cos he mistook me to be and enduring, submissive, naive, marriage starved lady, he never knew that he slapped a he-she.

My taking a bow-out, kept us alive, nobody died.

We met again in facebook, thru my daughter. He is a pantheist like her. And he is still alive to be the father of 3 beautiful kids, and a husband to an enduring, submissive wife. While I am also alive, typing.

Sorry dear, have to tell the tale, for others to learn.
You can't tell me that till now, he does not beat his wife. Once a batterer, always a batterer. Unless God arrests you.

Another ex, who slapped me in the class, in school, that I should read alone, with ladies, not in a class, where there are boys. The slap came when I got up to hug him, and I sat back with the pressure from the slap. Mbanu, I bit my lips as he went on raving, that I should hid to his advice, as I rushed him from his legs, took him up with that speed, and levelled him On one of the lockers with his weight. I picked my books, and left him in mist of the crumbled woods, screaming his waist.

I did not endure his slap, and gave excuses for his actions, and still married somebody that can slap me in the public, only to end up dead, after giving him one or two kids, and my dead body, will be snapped, and the pictures will rotate, and be a good news for the Story starved bloggers. Nah, I chose to quit. He is still alive. He has four sons now, without a wife. Heard that he beat his wife, and chased her back to her father's house, on the grounds of infidelity. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Na Blessing e for be🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
So many broken ladies, single mothers, divorced ladies, deceased ladies, saw these handwritings, on their walls, and went ahead to marry their husbands..... After some years, they could not endure , the still, sensible ones, ran for their lives, the, not smart ones, died in it.

This message, is for our single and searching ladies. Do not endure, and think that it will get better, later... You will have yourself to blame, if you don't quit when you still can. A broken relationship, is better than a broken marriage.

You must not retaliate like me, who has no endurance... You could just work out peacefully, and both of you will remain alive.

Don't be brainwashed to pray for your boyfriend to stop beating/cheating on you. The quick, natural solution, is to quit and run. Real men, wonderful men, super, macho men, don't touch a woman, for any reason. They only love, provide, protect you, and give you a memorable, good fuck. They will never raise their hands on you.
I am married to one.
Remain brainwashed, if you want to.
Written by Blessing McColumbus.