Moin moin recipes we posted on the blog all have beans as the major ingredients and they came out perfect even though none was cooked with a mixture of raw eggs and beans, like the coconut milk moin moin. The popular Nigerian moin moin recipe is the one that adds hard boiled eggs while wrapping the moin moin.

This weekend, I made very fluffy, delicious and excellent moi moi by just adding whisked raw eggs to the ground beans and whisking even more to get air into the mixture and make it light. It worked so well. By the time I finished uploading the pics on Facebook, the very large pot of moi moi ws cleared by my family who kept picking and going for more. I enjoyed mine with soaked garri, while some served themselves with pap and moin moin, others just ate the moin moin with no accompaniment and it was really delicious. If it turned out not so good, I would have warned so you don't waste your time trying. But this one is some moin moin recipe everyone needs to try.

I used 1 mudu black eyed peas to make this delicacy, that's about 6
measuring cups. If you measure with milk cup, that should give you 9 milk cups.

My weekend moin moin so delicious I cannot not share.
Cooked in 45 minutes, finished before I soaked my garri.


1 mudu beans (about 6 cups)
2 raw eggs
7 boiled eggs
3 medium sized onion
3 large sized tatashey (red bell peppers)

1 tablespoon ground fresh peppers (scotch bonnet) (Shop measuring spoons and measuring cups here)
3 wraps seasoning cubes (6 cubes)
1 cup warm water
Salt to taste
1 and 1/2 cups palm oil


First I picked all the dirts and tiny stones from the beans, rinsed in clean water, then used the food processor to remove the skin and wash in less than 10 minutes. It was taken to the market for milling and brought home looking clean and very smooth. You can use a blender to do this part.

1. Mill or blend the washed beans with the onion and peppers until smooth smooooth very smooooooth. The process of continues blending or milling also helps to not only smoothen but also aerate the ground beans
2. Whisk or stir beans with the raw eggs in for about 5 minutes or more to aerate more if you really like that type of fluffy soft moi moi. You can do this with an electric stand mixer  or manual stand mixer or even wooden spoon sef. I used a manual whisk.

ground beans for moin moi

3.Add the remaining ingredients and mix very well before adding palm oil.

Palm oil added to ground beans

4. Add the palm oil now and whisk until oil mixes well with the ground beans. Check for salt and adjust if needed.

There is hot water under the wrapped moin moin, placed under the steamer.

5. I added about 1 cup water to get a light consistency, mixed, checked for salt again before wrapping in washed moi moi leaves with the boiled eggs dropped in while wrapping. Place neatly in a steaming pot. You can cook moin moin with any pot, just place clean stones, dry sticks or gauze under any pot you use  just to prevent your moin moin from touching water. 

wrapped moin moin in a cooking pot

6. steam for 45 minutes. Only Calculate time from when it starts boiling.

Cooked moin moin served in leaves

NB: Sometimes the beans is milled very light with water already added. Even blending sometimes  can make you add more water, in that case, when mixing, you do not need to add anymore water. Boil about 14 eggs or more if you'd like to cook with whole boiled eggs. I cut all the eggs into 2 halves each before using. If you cannot eat eggs, then skip and use all other ingredients, your moin moin will still turn out great.
Because some wraps were gigantic, some medium and some small, I got 14 wraps.

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