Gizzard sauce recipe.
This gizzard sauce can be served as a starter (Nigerian pepper soup) or with an accompaniment like boiled rice, unripe plantain, yam, Etc. Gizzards are low in fat but rich in nutrients. They contain
sodium, niacin and other great nutrients. Antioxidants to help fight cancer and quick aging. Gizzards are quite affordable compared to other protein sources.

There are many  methods of cooking and serving  delicious gizzards. 
1. Gizzard pepper soup
2. Baked gizzards
 3. Stir fried with assorted vegetables
4. Stewed
5. Grilled
6. Roasted

THIS GIZZARD SAUCE CAN BE MADE INTO PEPPER SOUP BY INCLUDING PEPPER SOUP SPICES. It can be drained and stir fried with assorted vegetables to give a different delicious taste or drained and grilled, roasted or stewed. In some Nigerian cultures in the past, where chickens were slaughtered and cooked only on special days and during special events, gizzards were reserved for important personnel. Served only to the head of a household which is the man. These days they are either imported into the country in very large quantities or produced  from the many large poultry farms scattered across the country.and one can just shop loads of gizzards alone without including other chicken parts.

1kg Chicken gizzards
1 medium sized onion
 salt to taste
2 stock cubes
1 table spoon fresh pepper (Scotch bonnet)
3 uziza leaves
Water.just the level of the gizzards.

1. Wash the gizzards into a cooking pot with the chopped onion, one cup water for a start, salt  and crushed seasoning cube. Stir to mix very well, cover and leave to simmer in slow heat. (Do not quickly bring to a boil) Tastes better when cooked slowly. The juices get to seep out into the pot.
2. Check for salt, add the pepper and remaining seasoning cube with some more water almost the level of the gizzards because they take some time to cook well and if not properly cooked through, they give a not-so-pleasant taste. After adding water, check again for taste, cover and leave to continue to simmer in low heat.
3. Add the uziza or scent leaves (Sparingly), whichever you prefer, stir, check for taste again and leave to cook very well as you check occasionally. To cook really done and deodorised, , they take about 45 minutes to an hour. That is to get to the taste that most people enjoy.
4. Serve with boiled rice, as a meal for those who want to lose weight or with any other accompaniment of choice.
5. Share and Enjoy!. 

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