Everything needs time to learn, no one is born a pro at juicing. Juicing is an art that might take some time to perfect. However, while it is understandable to make mistakes, you can avoid once you learn about them. Here are the top ten juicing mistakes and ways you can avoid them.
  1. Add more sweet fruits
Not all juice is healthy, and if yours is the type of “add more apples”, then it is not healthy at all. People often get tempted to use sweet fruits to make their juices sweet. You and someone munching cookies day and night are all the same because that means you are consuming a lot of sugar. The only difference is, yours is in a juice form.
Learn to use more greens in your juice; the chlorophyll in the juice is a major savior to your health. It is good for blood circulation and promotes oxygen supply. Treat yourself to the sweet juices occasionally.
  1. Using the wrong juicer
I would say the slower the juicer the better the quality of the juice, both in smoothness and in nutrient quantity. Cold pressed juicers also referred to as masticating juicers are the better juicers to use. It may be slower and the best masticating juicer can cost quite a penny but will fulfill the aim of taking juices; for nutritional value. Centrifugal juicers are faster, but their method of operating destroys some nutrients.
The blades rotating produce oxygen and heat to speed up the juicing process but end up destroying important nutrients. It is best if you invest in a cold pressed juicer. But if you can’t raise the cash yet, it is better you use a cheaper juicer than to avoid juice.
  1. Preserving the juice for later
Juicing and meal prepping are very different. Although you may see it convenient to make juice that will last for a few days, the juice that will be taken in later hours or days is not beneficial. The important nutrients diminish living you with low nutritional value juice.
It is more nutritional to make enough juice that you plan to drink exactly after juicing. If you must store, then store in a dark container that is tightly closed then put it in the fridge. The maximum time the juice can sit is 24 hours.
  1. Drinking your juice quickly
If you are the type that drinks juice like a shot of alcohol, big mistake! Although earlier I have said that you should take your juice after juicing, it doesn’t mean that you drink it quickly. Take your time and sip your juice slowly by slowly. Chat with someone, read some books, browse through the social media as you enjoy your glass of juice.
This mostly applies to the early risers who hit the road very early in the morning and have a tendency of drinking their juice quickly because it is cold and nutritious. The benefits are so narrowed if this is the case, you better carry and drink it on your way to work or school; drink slowly.  
  1. Taking juice bought from the store
Unless you were present when the juice was being prepared, or you know how they do the juicing process, you should keep off taking premade juice. Premade juices have additional sweeteners and preservatives that divert the purpose of juice. Try to get your own juicer, spare some time and buy fruits and vegetables to blend and drink your own juice. If you are so busy on some days, you can forego juicing and do it the following day.
  1. Use of the same ingredients
While you may think that juice ingredients are all beneficial, they still contain toxins which when piled up daily, they increase in the body and cause harm. This happens when you drink up juice from the same ingredients every day. Repeating your fruit and vegetable choice also makes you lack beneficial nutrients from other ingredients that you are not using. Use recipes that have different ingredients and keep changing.
  1. Using random ingredients in the same juice
Yes, juicing is an art, but it takes some research and knowledge to come up with a new recipe. The recipes that exist have reasons why they pair with specific ingredients and not with others. You can make poisonous substances by mixing random ingredients so stick to the recipe unless you are sure.
  1. Juicing less
If you don’t juice at all or you don’t juice enough, that’s a mistake. If you seriously mean to better your health with the maximum nutrition value from juicing, then take juicing seriously and stick to it. The nutritional benefit that you will get from the juices will make you wonder why you did not start earlier.
  1. Drinking juice on a full stomach
Almost everyone does this mistake, I used to before I knew it was wrong. This only needs to heartburn and a bloated stomach. Drink juice on an empty stomach instead.
  1. Drinking juice only without taking meals
Fresh juice is not a meal substitute it is a supplement instead.  Your body needs more than what fruits offer, it needs healthy fats, proteins, and fiber to be whole. Eat your meals and supplement with the juice, not the other way round.
Now that you know the top mistakes that happen with juicing, start perfecting the art with avoiding the mistakes, get the best juicer and perfect the art.