Nigerian fried noodles.
To cook complete fried noodles, all the ingredients for Nigerian
fried rice have to be thrown in that pot o. There is a fried noodles recipe posted on this blog, cooked like fried rice and it was delicious and great for some but a bit over cooked for others who like half done noodles (cooked al dente). The ingredients didn't contain all my Nigerian fried rice ingredients, so I decided to post a Nigerian noodle recipe that contains everything and that's not over cooked, just al dente. Nigerian fried rice, fried spaghetti, fried fried fried fried fried that without boiled cow liver or chicken gizzard, tumeric, is almost incomplete. For any Nigerian fried something to be complete, it just has to have that brown tiny pieces of meat and a bit of turmeric for that inviting colour. 

This Naija fried noodle recipe, cooked in five minutes is my best yet. You can cook the noodle recipe without boiled liver, see it here, then try this Nigerian fried noodle, compare and see the difference. They are both very delicious but different in a yummy way. The cooking methods are different too. While the former is cooked like fried rice, this one is fried dry before adding any water. 3 minutes and it's done. Because it cannot cook for more than three minutes, keep boiling water ready, so you don't have to wait for your pot to boil. It is dropped in as soon as the boiling water is added. Three minutes from when boiling water is added, food is served.
This delicacy was cooked early in the morning for  a school lunch box and it cooked faster than I even thought.

My ingredients for nigerian fried noodles on a chopping board.

2 tablespoons oil (Shop measuring spoons)
1 medium sized onion
1 large carrot
1/2 cup boiled and diced cow liver
1 small green pepper
1 small rd bell pepper
1/4 cup fresh green peas
1 cube beef seasoning or more to your taste
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon curry powder
3 packs noodles (Not hungry man size o. Normal size). Lol
2 cups boiling water

 Fried noodle ingredients being stir fried in a cooking pot.

 Yummy noodles in a white serving saucer


Before turning on the stove, ensure that all ingredients are washed, and chopped. The liver boiled and diced, if you are using chicken gizzard, boil till done and dice. Set them aside.
1. Stir fry all the ingredients with seasoning cube for about 3 seconds. Add the turmeric and curry powder.
2. Break and add the noodles, stir very well.
3. Add the boiling water, stir, check for salt and leave for 3 minutes.
4. Serve with chicken, fish, beef, Shrimp, boiled egg or just like that because there is protein in there already.

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