Pepper soup spice homemade. Grind to your preferred smoothness.
Every Nigerian tribe has a special way of making their own pepper soup and these are all great and nutritious. I have the ones I really really enjoy and some that I enjoy even more. Potash in pepper soup spice is a NO for me. I only use it when I cook isi ewu (Goat head). I have tried different brands
of shop bought pepper soup spices and discarded after just one time use, because I taste potash in them. Some I throw away because they do not give that traditional pepper soup flavour. After many attempts and talking with pepper soup spice sellers whose product I enjoy, I came up with the best Nigerian pepper soup spice mix money can buy. It's delicious, it's not too much, it doesn't have over dosage as you can use more to thicken a little or less for that very water pepper soup that I so love. Some pepper soup spice sellers will not give away their secret ingredients for anything sha. With my special spice mix, I don't need any other just yet.

Roasted and skinned calabash nutmeg, dried ginger, Ataiko and dried uziza seeds on a serving tray

Pepper soup spice ingredients combined in a Food blender
Peepper soup spices are very expensive but we do not realise it because people don't cook this delicacy daily. If you are on a weight loss journey that needs good pepper soups, you'll spend so much to get a pepper soup spice quantity that fills even one cup. In some places, a thousand Naira worth of pepper soup spices may not fill one Universal measuring cup. With my pepper soup spice ingredients, you can make and store in airtight containers for upto a year. Pepper soup has no side effect o. Made from just herbs, spices and meats. With the right ingredients, I can eat Nigerian pepper soup daily.

Pepper soup spices can be made with a mortar and pestle 
Nigerian pepper soup has grown to become a stable Appetizer at events like weddings, birthday parties and even naming ceremonies. Guests rush the pepper soups before settling down for the mains like rice or foo foo. Pepper soup is great for detox and for weight loss. It's great for colds and nausea, helps restore appetite. Pregnant women especially enjoy pepper soups as the taste is neither too strong nor complicated.


These 4 ingredients combined, will give you the best Nigerian pepper soup seasoning.
1 cup roasted AND SKINNED calabash  nutmeg (Ehuru)
1/2 cup dried uziza seeds
3 cups (3 large market wraps) dried ginger
1/2 teaspoon ataiko

1. Roast in an oven and remove the skin of your Calabash nutmeg, to give it that yummy flavour. I bought alreay roasted and skinned nutmeg.
2. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients together and take to the mill if your blender cannot grind really smooth. I pounded these at home with a mortar and pestle, used a sieve to get out the powder and the rest is waiting for who will come and help me take to the mill.
3. After milling, store the powder in an airtight container and add to your fish pepper soups, assorted meats pepper soups, chicken pepper soups Etc.

FOR PEPPER SOUPS, after adding the spice, just add your scent leaves and salt to taste. Your delicious pepper soup is ready. Seasoning cubes are even optional.
Have fun enjoying homemade pepper soup spice mix.


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