Baked Sweet potatoes served with pepper sauce.
Sweet potatoes are the most delicious tubers yet, if you disagree,
ask any kid who has been served sweet potatoes the yummy way. As a child, I didn't really like these nutritious tubers, maybe because my sweet tooth hadn't yet developed then. Now as an adult, I have introduced all my kids to sweet potatoes and they love them. We have tried cooking them with beans and it's really yummy. With sauce, oh so delicious! Roasting with pepper sauce like the one here, Very delicious. 

The Benue State Tiv and Idoma people of Nigeria boil and pound sweet potatoes, serve with Nigerian soups just the way we pound and serve yam, so, there's pounded sweet potatoes and they swear by this delicacy (so easy to pound in a food processor) Shop food processors on Amazon. I look forward to pounding sweet potatoes some day to have a feel of that deliciousness.  Will sure post the recipe here on the blog, best served with or ogbono soups. Baking, frying and roasting sweet potatoes are my favourite methods of cooking this delicacy yet, because then, the sweet taste kind of gets toned down.

Sweet potatoes are the easiest tubers to cook, unlike yams, they do not itch even if they touch your skin during peeling, There is no fear of itchy and sore throat incase they are undercooked. They can be washed and cooked with the skin intact. Most impressively, they cook really really fast thereby saving you gas and oil. We already know that sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins and that they contain antioxidants and help us age more slowly. They help prevent so many diseases. You can read that up on the sweet potatoes porridge post.

 Sweet potatoes already cooked on a grill/griddle pan, waiting to be served.
To bake sweet potatoes on a stove, all you need do is wash them well and cut into pieces.
2. Place the pieces of clean potatoes in a grill pan, non stick fry pan or pot.
3. Place on the stove
4 Sprinkle some salt, flip and sprinkle a little more salt
5. Cover to cook
6. Depending on the strength of your flames, you can check after 3 minutes to see that they are brown and flip or leave until one side browns, then flip, cover and leave to bake. Once both sides are brown, your sweet potatoes are ready.
7. Take off from heat and serve with pepper sauce, or stew or just chew like a snack..

Here is how to Roast sweet potatoes at home.