Minced meat macaroni mixed with vegetable sauce.
Yesterday Sunday, I returned back to eating tiny because I took my last dose of anti malaria on Saturday night. So, malaria hit me last week and I had to increase my food intake because of the drugs, that's
why I couldn't really post here. Okay, when you are on a weight loss program and at the same time your family chef, it's hard but possible sha. Imagine cooking all those delicious carbs for the kids and men, then going for something light. That's one of those reasons that made it hard for me to lose weight in the past. After cooking, mummy must taste na , abi na family slave I be? But, not anymore. Yesterday Sunday, I cooked all those colourful Sunday fried rice and Sunday macaroni posted below but made my okro pepper soup and that's what I ate for lunch and dinner to help my body regain balance after all the chop bellefull to take medications. I won't even go near that scale until this weekend or mid-week sef.

Nigerian fried rice

Honestly, I think I'm beginning to conquer food cravings. Mr food used to really beat me hands down in the past. I'll make up my mind, in my head I know what to eat and the right quantity but once I sit in front of the food or begin to scoop from the pot, my eyes start craving and before you know it, weight loss journey is postponed to another day and the cycle continues. control and made it through. Nothing wrong with eating smaller portions of the sunday food but I needed to cut down because medications made me eat more than my normal small portions.

I cup okra pepper soup.

Okro soup for Sunday lunch and dinner.

I was so happy last night that after all the cooking I tapped on self control and it answered 'present ma.' 1 cup cooked okro soup was for breakfast, another one cup cooked okra pepper soup was for dinner. I think the pepper even helped a lot, moved my bowels, sent me ion errands to the rest room and cleared that lingering bloatedness. Today, I'll try my best to continue with smaller portions and less carbs.
Sha, hubby has clarified that I can lose more if I want but shouldn't get dry and skinny and so, that means we can get to the 76 kg. I'm happy about that. For my weight loss menu plan with Nigerian food, just wait a little bit more and it will be ready please. I'm working on it. I am adding even snacks too that we can take after dinner to avoid eating the fat loading ones. Please bear with me