Snail pepper soup. These are two large snails, I ate just one.
Yes oh! It's weekend already. Yesterday, the food here is all I ate for my brunch and
dinner but I did snack from morning till evening o. I had about 4 oranges yesterday, 2 avocados, 1 African star fruit, a small slice of watermelon, a handful of cashew nuts. Snacking on fruits and vegetables help one avoid sugar in biscuits and chocolates and those pastries we love to taste. Brunch was beans porridge with boiled plantain while dinner was snail pepper soup.
To cook great snail pepper soup that isn't slimy, you have to leave your washed snails in alum or lime for about an hour to completely remove the slime.
1. Add the now hardened snails to salted boiling water
2. Add pepper soup spices and seasoning
3, Add ground pepper, uziza leaves or scent leaves and cover to cook
4. Let snails cook for about 5 minutes before you check for taste and done ness.
5. Serve hot.

Sha, we all know that at the beginning of the week, I posted that my goal is to drop to 79 kg by weekend. It's yet to happen and I am not disappointed at all. What will make me feel disappointed is falling back to 89 kg that I was in January, or gaining back the 86 kg I had on at the beginning of March when this weight loss journey started. I haven't dropped down to 79 kg but I'm still down at 80 kg and that's great (Remember Easter just happened oh). That is the attitude that will really help us in this journey. We won't always have it our way. The weight loss may not be happening as fast as we want but the question is " Are we back to where we started or still moving?" Next weekend, I'm really going to work on eating smaller carbs and cutting sweet fruits too. Let's see how that will work. If by the end of next week I haven't dropped below 80 kg, I'll have to review the whole week like sit down and examine everything I ate and look at my workout to see what went wrong, then, correct and keep moving. One thing we should get used to is the fluctuations that come with trying to lose weight. If you are not doing the rapid rapid weight loss thing, there'll be some fluctuations along the way. While it goes a bit up sometimes, there is hope because it is a journey. A lifestyle. Let nothing discourage you in this journey, keep focused and moving even if it's a snail speed, it's better than giving up and staying where you are.
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