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my weight loss to 79 kg
I have been saved from getting some clean slaps after asking to be slapped if by this weekend I don't drop below 80 kg. People, yours truly is there. My goal for this weekend? 79 kg. Today is Friday and by God's special grace, I'm there ooooo. Help me smile abeg. After taking only soup without swallow for dinner, temptations came in the form of hunger, I said "na lie" me that is going to get slaps if I don't lose something? I refused to touch, drank enough water instead.
Yesterday's Brunch was just vegetables... 3 carrots and a cucumber.
Dinner: Nigerian soup with no fufu just for yesterday because I must meet that weekend goal and deal with all the calories mangoes loaded in my system last week. Who is happy for me please? We are making progress. #nothingisimpossible . About two months back, one of my teenage daughters told me that ever

since she grew up and saw me struggling to lose weight, that I never go below 85 and according to her, it's like mummy is jinxed to never go below 85kg. So, when I got down to 80 kg, no one knew the joy and satisfaction it brought. I waited for years to get to that point. I struggled actually.

Whenever I 'm getting to 90 something kg, I start working on myself and the journey goes smoothly until I hit 85kg. No matter how I struggled after that, I always got stuck at 85, then gave up and you know the rest of the story. This time I had to just put it out there on the blog so that knowing that people are watching and reading will keep me focused and disciplined just like how I refused to succumb to kitchen visits last night.

NOTE: In my struggle to lose weight sha. I have experienced rapid weight loss though. I never fail to tell others that rapid weight loss has side effects you won't like. I lost 10kg in 2 weeks in 2010 and looked ugly even though skinny. I had wrinkles that appeared overnight because quick weight loss deprives the body of fluids, it's so fast, the body cannot adjust and then it wrinkles because there's nothing to fill it up. The sagging too ehn?

#letuskeepatitplease #noteasybutpossible #wearemakingprogress #keepmovingevenifslowly #slowandsteadywinstherace #nevergiveup #nothinggoodcomeseasy


  1. I'm sooooo happy for you ma! More grease to your elbows


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