Top 5 Coffee Grind Tips


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How do you always make your coffee? Well, if you are a coffee lover, you would know that the cup steps
you take when making your coffee always matters.
Some coffee enthusiasts usually would go an extra mile trying all the new methods of making coffee just to see how it will turn out.
Anyway, if you have been wondering why your coffee doesn’t usually taste good like the one you look at your friend’s, it’s probably because you don’t prepare it properly. Well, your coffee quality can greatly improve if you use some techniques and followed the steps below.
With these few tips, you will have great coffee regardless of the type of the coffee machine used. Below are a few tips you can use to make your coffee taste better.
  1. Make Sure You Buy Fresh Whole Coffee Beans

It is always recommended that you only buy fresh coffee beans since it would be wrong to buy bags containing pre-ground coffee.

Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t always get to see the roasting date on the bags you buy? It is possible that what we always get on shelves of the stores have probably stayed there for months.

If you ask any coffee lover out there, they will tell you that coffee should be consumed within a month after it has been roasted. This is because the flavor in it usually reaches its peak just after being roasted a few days.

It is important that you check the local coffee shops around for fresh coffee. Some stores will even roast for you when you are there or they get from the local roasters. This is your chance of getting fresh coffee.

  1. How Do You Store The Beans?

This is also an important point to look at. The way your coffee is stored is also a factor that can affect the quality of your coffee.

You can always ensure that your coffee remains fresh for quite some time by keeping it in an airtight container. A standard Masson jar can also help with this.

If you have multiple Mason jars with different sizes, it is recommended that you use the right jar with the appropriate size while brewing through it. If you find a way of storing the coffee properly, you will also be retaining the flavor.

Keeping it in the open will result in losing its freshness thus the flavor and quality will also be gone.

  1. How To Grind And When To Grind?

Perhaps the most important point to note, how you grind your coffee and when to do it also matters.

You stand a chance of getting a maximum flavor if you grind the coffee immediately just before you brew it. This, therefore, means that the coffee should be ground on the spot before you brew a pot.

The grind size of the coffee and the consistency also matters. Fine ground coffee will give you a bitter taste since there will be over-extraction. Coarse ground coffee will also give a weak pot.

This is why the experts always recommend using a medium-fine or just a medium grind. Well, if you want to get a good coffee without spending much on the quality grinders like burr grinder for French press, you can use a manual hand mill.

This will provide you with a nice and consistent grind. However, you will have to put in a little work to achieve this. You can also use blade grinders.

However, you may end up having inconsistent particle sizes which might sometimes result in over-extraction.

  1. Measurements

It will be a good idea if can measure the coffee by the weight instead of using the volume.

It has been proven that for one to get a better coffee, you must learn the art of eliminating variables.

This is why for each unit of water used when brewing, the same amount of coffee should also be used. You can even use a digital scale to help with this.

  1. Pre-Infuse The Grounds

It has been found that most of these coffee makers don’t usually prepare the coffee grounds as required for full extraction.

Performing a pre-infusion is, therefore, a very important move. Do this by pouring some hot water on the grounds as this makes the remaining carbon (IV) oxide gas during roasting to be released.

If this step is skipped, the carbon dioxide will repel the water during the process of brewing. This, in turn, will result in weak coffee.


Coffee has been known to have some positive effects on our lives when it comes to health issues. This, therefore, makes it an important product to have around. If you are a fan of beverages and haven’t tried coffee, then you have been missing a lot. Use this guide to help you brew your coffee at home and get even a better quality than your friend’s.